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Barista – Have Your Cup Of Coffee !!

best iphone apps, iphone apps reviewsGot an espresso machine at home? You need this iPhone app to get the most from your machine. The Barista app for the iPhone is a reference utility for making quality espresso coffee at home. The Barista app teaches you how to make coffee drinks the right way at home, so you can make drinks like a professional barista at coffee shops like Starbucks.

The app gives you instructions for the most common drinks such as caffe latte, cappuccino, flat white, americano, espresso, macchiato, caffe mocha and more. Barista will also let you take photos of your coffee drinks on your iPhone and log them to track your progress going forward.

This iPhone food app teaches you many things about coffee, including how to make it, tips & tricks regarding coffee beans, extraction techniques, milk texturing techniques, and pouring art.

It essentially gives you all the knowledge of a Barista, its namesake – defined by the app as a trained preparer of expresso-based drinks who, irrespective of accomplishment, will continue furthering their skills in the quest of the “perfect expresso.”

The app even has a section on Coffee Talk. The Coffee Talk section is pretty entertaining, giving a glimpse to we pedestrians on coffee shop lingo. Blonding refers to the color change that takes place in espresso when it’s time to cut the extraction (extraction means to draw out liquid expresso from a basket full of dry ground coffee by forcing pressurized water evenly through it – apparently the “golden yardstick” is to produce 1 oz in 25-30 seconds). A Basket is a small metal cup with holes in the back for ground coffee to be compressed inside with a tamper. Other words include crema, demitasse, dosing, flushing the group head, shower screen, skinny, and more.

Barista teaches you step by step how to make Caffe latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Americano, Espresso, Macchiato, and Caffe Mocha – covering most of the delicious options you see in coffee shops. The steps are extraordinarily detailed and it’s obvious a great deal of time must be spent on crafting a good cup of coffee. A camera tab is present on the upper right of these pages, so you may record your process in becoming a proper barista – just for fun, of course. A prettily drawn rendition of the drink at hand is present on each page, along with a short description.

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