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Dragon Dictation Brings Speech Recognition on iPhone

best iphone apps, iphone apps reviewsThe iPhone’s touchscreen is pleasant to tap, but writing a long message gets tiring. Nuance Communications announced Dragon Dictation [App Store, Free for a limited time], a new speech recognition app for the iPhone. The application, which relies on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition engine to transcribe speech to text, allows users to easily send transcribed text to new e-mail or text messages or save it to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.

The app’s interface is dead simple. To dictate on the iPhone you just launch the app, press the record button, and start talking. Your dictation can be a brief sentence, or a much longer treatise. Dragon Dictation immediately sends your speech to software developer Nuance’s server, whose algorithm analyzes your speech. The resulting text is returned to your iPhone very quickly. Once the text has been created from your speech, it’s possible to email it, send it as a text message, or put the result in your clipboard. After recording your message, you can edit the resulting text before you send it off for others to read. The application does requires a data connection in order to function.

The application offers editing options including alternative suggestions for misinterpreted phrases and built-in keyboard functionality for manual editing of text. The application also offers voice corrections, allowing users to highlight a selected portion of text and replace it with newly-spoken phrases. To add punctuation to your text, you can say ‘period’, ‘question mark’, or ‘new paragraph,’ and Dragon Dictation adds the appropriate punctuation.

With Dragon Dictation you can also update your Facebook status, send notes and reminders to yourself, or Tweet to the world….all using your voice. Dragon Dictation is free for a limited time in the App Store. Overall, the app is surprisingly fast and good with speech recognition.

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