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Are You Fast Enough To Survive, Then Try Nibbles?

Once upon a time, almost every computer came with one game, and now here it is for iPhone – iPod. Move Nibbles around the field eating snacks while avoiding the evil red snake. For each piece of snack that you eat, you earn points and your snake body gets longer. If Nibbles touches the evil snake, the wall or his own tail, he dies.

The evil snake will always head towards the snacks. Move Nibbles to try to get the snacks first. Score 100 points for eating the snacks, but lost 100 points every time the evil snake eats first. If Nibbles surrounds the evil snake, the evil snake will die. Killing the evil snake scores 1000 points.

Tilt your iPhone/iPod to steer Nibbles and keep him out of trouble!

Source : http://www.apptism.com

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