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Soupface : Surprise Your Friends With Their Morphed Pics

Soupface is a face morphing application created for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to combine 2 faces into one! Use it to instantly morph pictures of yourself with friends, family members, celebrities, and maybe even your pets. Surprise your friends by emailing them morphed images of them with celebrities. You can even see what your baby might look like by morphing a generic baby face with a previously morphed image of you and your significant other or secret crush. Though it’s not scientific, but it can give you a fairly realistic idea and can be lots of fun!

Soupface is good, clean fun for everyone. Use Soupface at family get-togethers, or as an ice breaker at social gatherings. Looking for a way to meet singles at discs and clubs? Use Soupface to strike up a fun conversation! You can e-mail the morphed images or post them directly to your Facebook page from within the app.

Now here’s where Soupface is different than most other morphing apps: You actually can affect the outcome of the morphs directly! We don’t use face detection like any other applications, or randomly send you a “morphed” image that looks like it came from some preloaded database of pictures. You must have noticed, they look nothing like the prototype images you uploaded. While morphing using Soupface, you manually crop the images with your fingers empowering you the full control!The premium version of Soupface comes with 12 preloaded celebrity images and allows you to upload unlimited additional images of your own from your photo library, or you can take photos using the in-app camera from you iPhone. If you want to morph your face with celebrities and public figures that are not preloaded in the database, simply search for them on the web and save them to your library. You will then be able to morph any two combinations of the 12 preloaded images and your own to create endless amounts of fun images!

Another great attribute of Soupface is that you don’t require an Internet connection once you’ve downloaded it. And all the morphing happens swiftly within the app. Enjoy Soupface anytime, anywhere! Soupface is a hands on (or fingers on) experience that will take a little practice at first, but you will become a Soupface pro in no time and impress your friends!

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