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Speed Forge Extreme – Review

Developed by Polish-based Rat Square and published by Chillingo, Speed Forge Extreme is a polished futuristic racer which has clearly taken it’s inspiration from both Low Grav Racer and Sony’s WipEout franchise. Controlling various space-age hovercraft machines you race against others to win. A simple game, the app offers a choice of 6 different space-like machines in which you can race. These include: the HCM 220, HCM E2, HCM 3000, HCM 4000, X HCM 200 and the BT HCM 400. Your final choice of ship should depend on four factors. Mass, Speed, Agility and Munition. By default only the HCM 220 is available for racing with, however the other 5 ships are unlockable by completing each subsequent track.

After you’ve chosen your ship and track, you’ll have a choice to select a level difficulty of either Easy, Medium or Hard. Users with a 3GS get an even more beautiful experience with bloom, particle effects, and motion blur to add to the immersion. The game is controlled by tilting but offers different control schemes to choose how you accelerate or turn. As players progress through the different levels, they will unlock various features of the game like weapons or different vehicles. The game allows you to control your ship in a number of ways.

The aim of the game is to win (obviously), and you’ll have to use force to achieve 1st position. In the early stages of the game when you find yourself tackling the first few tracks you might find the game a little boring, but don’t let that put you off. After you complete the first track, you’ll start winning weapons, and just like WipEout you can then use these against your opponents for defense.

Overall, the game is amazing to look at and fun to play. It is a great testament to what the iPhone is capable of.

Source: 148apps.com

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