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Will Bing be the New Default Search Engine for the iPhone?

Apple is planning to replace Google as it has started competing with the tech giant in several markets “including the mobile market”. The company is in talks with Microsoft for weeks, which clearly reflects the degree of rivalry is elevating Apple and Google, the main provider of Web search on the iPhone.

If one believe on the above rumors on Businessweek, then it means that Google Maps will be obliterated and Apple will create there own Maps.

According to some additional information on CNBC, “iPhone can be a real possibility for Bing, and presented the following arguments in the concern:-

According to the CNBC report, citing “a captivating email from a knowledgeable but anonymous source”:

  • When Microsoft released its Bing app for iPhone, it became the company’s best mobile search by volume of queries, better than the traffic Verizon Wireless.
  • Acc to this source, “Jobs hates Eric”
  • Every time the user carry out a Google search from Apple’s iPhone Safari and clicks an ad, Apple gets a payment. Acc. To this source, Microsoft is ready to pay much more money to Apple to ensure that they displace Google as the default engine.
  • Along with this, the discussions between Microsoft and Apple have been ongoing since the October/November time frame.

In addition to the monetary gains, iPhones are widely used for in-depth search on the web and most of them use the built-in search field in MobileSafari. Of course, the quality of results matters a lot, making the default search an important feature. It’s worth tens of millions of dollars per year for desktop Safari and for the iPhone as well. You might understand the picture the way the iPhone platform is growing.

Whatever market analysis and stats reveal about Microsoft’s Bing, but the fact is, Bing is the only chief adversary to Google. Yahoo search has already crumbled and have already inked the deal to power it with Bing. There are hopes that Bing does well and expands its horizons against Google by providing evenly fair and paramount search results.

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