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Enjoy Instant Messaging with Meebo on iPhone

For those of us who want the convenience of instant messaging from any computer equipped with a Web browser, there’s good news. As per an announcement recently, the Meebo web app is now available on Apple Iphone. Meebo is a Web app, there to comfort us with our friend’s instant pestering during long hours spent doing tedious busywork on public computers. The instant messaging application was once, quite popular in its original avatar of an IM service, but lost out a bit after the rise of smartphones.

Smartphones are easier to access than a public computer running some flavor of Firefox or Internet Explorer 6. While Meebo’s service works on the iPhone’s browser, it’s not as good as a native iPhone app. So what did the folks at Meebo do? Well, they went ahead and made a Meebo iPhone app.

The Meebo Web app for Apple iPhone, is quite like the earlier version of the multi client Internet messaging service, allowing users of multiple chat apps to go through a single device. It allows users to search through previous chat messages. It also supports push notifications, apart from allowing users to switch from the Apple iPhone app to the internet browser on its website.

Besides that, the Meebo app supports push notifications, unlike some other popular IM apps (cough, Skype), and you can seamlessly switch between chat sessions on the iPhone app and Meebo.com on your computer, for those moments when you’d really like a full-blown keyboard. You can also set status messages for individual accounts to help separate your business life from your personal life, and manage IM friends as you would in any other IM app.

Meebo supports AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace and 100 other networks. It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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