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Google Voice is available on the iPhone Now

You have read a lot about Apple/Google battle over Google Voice app. There are lot of web service available for supporting Google Voice on iPhone. But a lot of things wasn’t working right through web service. For example, making calls was a two-step process and the outbound caller ID feature didn’t work, meaning that whoever received the call couldn’t see who was calling, which is one of the most compelling features of Google Voice.

Google just launched a new Google Voice web-service specifically built for iPhone users. Just point your iPhone browser to http://m.google.com/voice and you will see a nicely designed interface which looks and behaves like native app and overcomes previously existing limitations. You can also save it as an icon on your Main Menu so launching Google Voice will be one-step process.

The mobile web version of Google Voice switches to the iPhone’s normal calling function in order to place calls, similarly to the way the web-based version of Google Voice can connect your home, mobile or VOIP phone to other people’s phones for a call over whatever network that device uses (updated). The system routes the call through AT&T’s cellular voice network by connecting your call to local Google Voice number, potentially saving you money on international calls.

The process works seamlessly, and the app feels about as fast as the Google Voice app that was blocked by Apple probably was. (A Google spokeswoman told Reuters that the company has not heard anything new from Apple about the approval of the native Google Voice app for the iPhone.) Plus, you get access to lots of advanced Google Voice features from within the phone: voicemail transcription, forwarding of SMS to an e-mail account or Skype, screening, integration with your web-based Google Voice account, and of course the ability to answer all of your phone numbers from a single handset.

Dialing a number using this mobile app requires one extra step in Google Voice as opposed to using the iPhone’s own number pad, as noted by Gizmodo. But a bigger issue for those who have yet to make a concerted leap to Google Voice is that the app cannot access your iPhone’s contact list.

Exporting your iPhone contacts and importing them into Google Voice is a hassle, but there’s also an app for that. So Google Voice is more of an add-on to existing functionality.

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