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iBird Explorer Backyard – iPhone App Review

Are you a professional bird watcher and have an iPhone? iBird Explorer Backyard is the first full featured interactive guide to some of the most popular bird species found in the backyards of North America. This innovative ebook, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, contains illustrations, photos, bird calls and comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy 149 North American bird species.

iBird Backyard offers features impossible to find in a conventional field guide to birds, and it is the perfect learning tool for children and young adults. With no need for an Internet connection, and all of the data right at your fingertips, you can make bird identification a fun activity on any hike, camping trip or family vacation.

This app can play songs and calls of almost any backyard species in North America and is loud enough to attract the right bird for you. Visually find birds by color, shape, habitat and location. Lost of hand drawn illustrations in color with flight views and perching views of birds.

Professional photos of every species in various plumages and sexes and seasons. Priced at $4.99 as an introductory rate. iBird is also the perfect learning tool because all the data you’ll ever need is right in your iPhone – unlike several products on the market that only work with a internet connection.

Features of this iBird Backyard are:

  • Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area.
  • Updated state and province bird lists using official references.
  • Shake your device to automatically play a random bird song.
  • Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen.
  • Parameter-driven search engine for quickly identifying birds by their shape, color, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length and more
  • Play bird songs and calls attracts birds right to your iPhone for easier identification, clearer photographs and more enjoyment
  • Hand-drawn full sized color illustrations
  • Multiple professional photographs of most species
  • Extensive identification, behavior, and habitat information, including diet, egg color and more
  • Full color range maps for every species
  • links to detailed Wiki pages and hundreds of Flickr photos for each bird
  • Bookmark birds as favorites for fast access
  • Lifetime updates to bird information

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