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iPad could Transform Personal Technology

Moses came down from a mountain bearing a tablet, on which God’s laws were written. Now Steve Jobs, Apple Computer’s talismanic CEO, is hoping to rewrite the laws governing the market for personal gadgets, by releasing the company’s own version of the tablet – the iPad. Not quite a phone and not quite a laptop or desktop computer replacement, the tablet seeks to exploit a space between those gadget types. It could also change the way that media is consumed, and eventually provide a new business model to the publishing industry. If it catches on other companies are bound to follow suit, releasing their own version of the tablet.

One way to regard the tablet is to consider it direct competition to e-book readers like Amazon’s market-leading product, the Kindle. With an intuitive touchscreen interface, colour display and additional Web browsing capabilities, tablets pose a threat to purpose-built gadgets which do just one thing. The e-book reader market is just hotting up, with several electronics companies releasing different versions. There was already a market for cheap, portable computers, as the success of net-books has proven. Consumers don’t just use computers to work or study, but also to interact with friends via social media, watch videos, read newspapers and blogs and browse the Web. The latter are things a touchscreen tablet would be great at doing.

There is hope that the device would provide newspapers and magazines with a viable new business model that allows them to start charging for content, while the movie industry is watching keenly to see if the device had the potential to be an iPod for movies and television shows. The new device may not transform distribution models just yet, but the potential is there. And consumers are only going to benefit if more companies get in on the act with their touchscreen tablets.

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