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Moto Chaser – A Nifty Racing Game

Moto Chaser is meant for those who have fallen for the accelerator. It is the ultimate iPhone racing game that kids would die to play for hours, and you will have little chance to blame them. This is because; even you will find excuses in between your busy office hours to play it! Moto Chaser is a 3D game where the player needs to get passes the plot of a bunch of rogues who have kidnapped away your adorable kitten. Remember that it is a two wheeler chase. So you will have to avoid banking against the speeding cars in front of you. Punch out those rogues bugging you.

This game has some similarity to the road rash series. You can choose characters and different bike styles and keep playing. You need to tilt left and right to work on the steer, hold down on the virtual ‘GAS’ on the left hand corner of the screen to accelerate. In addition to the normal timed checkpoint type racing you will occasionally be accosted by bad guys on motorcycles. Their only real job is that they are trying to slow you down by forcing you off the road. When they get close, an extra button will appear on the screen that allows you to punch them. Time it right and they will go flying.

As you progress you will travel through multiple race courses all rendered very nicely in 3D. Some of the courses include jumps — something missing in most other iPhone racing games. Complete the course before time runs out to unlock the next one. The courses get tougher and tougher to complete on time. You also have the option of riding as one of 3 different racers.

Nice feature that this game saves your progress — so you can hop right back in at a later time. Also, once you unlock a track (by completing the previous course) you can play that one at any time.

Overall, this is a really nice racing game. A game that can fix your boredom is available on your iphone so start off now!

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