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Moto Chaser – A Nifty Racing Game

Moto Chaser is meant for those who have fallen for the accelerator. It is the ultimate iPhone racing game that kids would die to play for hours, and you will have little chance to blame them. This is because; even you will find excuses in between your busy office hours to play it! Moto Chaser is a 3D game where the player needs to get passes the plot of a bunch of rogues who have kidnapped away your adorable kitten. Remember that it is a two wheeler chase. So you will have to avoid banking against the speeding cars in front of you. Punch out those rogues bugging you.

This game has some similarity to the road rash series. You can choose characters and different bike styles and keep playing. You need to tilt left and right to work on the steer, hold down on the virtual ‘GAS’ on the left hand corner of the screen to accelerate. In addition to the normal timed checkpoint type racing you will occasionally be accosted by bad guys on motorcycles. Their only real job is that they are trying to slow you down by forcing you off the road. When they get close, an extra button will appear on the screen that allows you to punch them. Time it right and they will go flying.

As you progress you will travel through multiple race courses all rendered very nicely in 3D. Some of the courses include jumps — something missing in most other iPhone racing games. Complete the course before time runs out to unlock the next one. The courses get tougher and tougher to complete on time. You also have the option of riding as one of 3 different racers.

Nice feature that this game saves your progress — so you can hop right back in at a later time. Also, once you unlock a track (by completing the previous course) you can play that one at any time.

Overall, this is a really nice racing game. A game that can fix your boredom is available on your iphone so start off now!


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Apple Boosts iPhone 3G Download Capacity

Apple has increased the cap for downloads over 3G networks on the iPhone from 10MB to 20MB, in what some think is a sign of heavier multimedia content appearing for the upcoming iPad.

By now, every time you wanted to download a podcast or application from the App Store that was over 10 MB, you got an annoying message asking you to use Wi-Fi because the file was too large. But not anymore.

Apple lifted the 10MB cap, only to double it to 20MB, which should be a more reasonable figure for video and podcast downloads when out of Wi-Fi range. If you try to download files over 20MB though, a message will prompt you to switch to Wi-Fi.

Besides giving iPhone users a wider variety of content they can download over 3G networks, the cap increase may be a sign that the iPad will require larger file downloads over 3G because of higher resolution graphics and more complex applications.

The initial 10MB cap was put in place so that iPhone downloads won’t put too much strain on wireless networks, such as AT&T, which is struggling to handle the traffic. For example, AT&T iPhone tethering, which would produce even more traffic on the network, hasn’t been adopted yet, despite operators around the world enabling the option.

But despite difficulties with the AT&T network, Apple decided to forge a deal for 3G connectivity with the carrier again, this time for the 3G-enabled iPads arriving late this spring. Also, Sling Player 3G streaming has been enabled on the iPhone this week, after AT&T allegedly held back this feature because of fears of increased traffic.

AT&T must be under pressure to keep up with Apple’s traffic-demanding products because the carrier’s exclusivity with the iPhone in the U.S. is soon coming to a close.

Source: Pcworld.com


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iBird Explorer Backyard – iPhone App Review

Are you a professional bird watcher and have an iPhone? iBird Explorer Backyard is the first full featured interactive guide to some of the most popular bird species found in the backyards of North America. This innovative ebook, designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, contains illustrations, photos, bird calls and comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy 149 North American bird species.

iBird Backyard offers features impossible to find in a conventional field guide to birds, and it is the perfect learning tool for children and young adults. With no need for an Internet connection, and all of the data right at your fingertips, you can make bird identification a fun activity on any hike, camping trip or family vacation.

This app can play songs and calls of almost any backyard species in North America and is loud enough to attract the right bird for you. Visually find birds by color, shape, habitat and location. Lost of hand drawn illustrations in color with flight views and perching views of birds.

Professional photos of every species in various plumages and sexes and seasons. Priced at $4.99 as an introductory rate. iBird is also the perfect learning tool because all the data you’ll ever need is right in your iPhone – unlike several products on the market that only work with a internet connection.

Features of this iBird Backyard are:

  • Attributes are grouped into basic, head and flight related area.
  • Updated state and province bird lists using official references.
  • Shake your device to automatically play a random bird song.
  • Taxonomic and Alphabetical family sort options on Browse screen.
  • Parameter-driven search engine for quickly identifying birds by their shape, color, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length and more
  • Play bird songs and calls attracts birds right to your iPhone for easier identification, clearer photographs and more enjoyment
  • Hand-drawn full sized color illustrations
  • Multiple professional photographs of most species
  • Extensive identification, behavior, and habitat information, including diet, egg color and more
  • Full color range maps for every species
  • links to detailed Wiki pages and hundreds of Flickr photos for each bird
  • Bookmark birds as favorites for fast access
  • Lifetime updates to bird information


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Enjoy Instant Messaging with Meebo on iPhone

For those of us who want the convenience of instant messaging from any computer equipped with a Web browser, there’s good news. As per an announcement recently, the Meebo web app is now available on Apple Iphone. Meebo is a Web app, there to comfort us with our friend’s instant pestering during long hours spent doing tedious busywork on public computers. The instant messaging application was once, quite popular in its original avatar of an IM service, but lost out a bit after the rise of smartphones.

Smartphones are easier to access than a public computer running some flavor of Firefox or Internet Explorer 6. While Meebo’s service works on the iPhone’s browser, it’s not as good as a native iPhone app. So what did the folks at Meebo do? Well, they went ahead and made a Meebo iPhone app.

The Meebo Web app for Apple iPhone, is quite like the earlier version of the multi client Internet messaging service, allowing users of multiple chat apps to go through a single device. It allows users to search through previous chat messages. It also supports push notifications, apart from allowing users to switch from the Apple iPhone app to the internet browser on its website.

Besides that, the Meebo app supports push notifications, unlike some other popular IM apps (cough, Skype), and you can seamlessly switch between chat sessions on the iPhone app and Meebo.com on your computer, for those moments when you’d really like a full-blown keyboard. You can also set status messages for individual accounts to help separate your business life from your personal life, and manage IM friends as you would in any other IM app.

Meebo supports AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace and 100 other networks. It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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Apple offers $10,000 for 10 Billionth Download Contest

Apple, to celebrate its 10 billionth song download, is offering one lucky music lover — not necessarily the downloader of that tune — a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

Apple is offering a quick way for one lucky music lover to seriously amp up his or her music collection. The iPod maker is offering a $10,000 iTunes gift card, in a contest to commemorate its 10 billionth music download.

“iTunes changed the way you buy music, making songs and albums available for download, day or night,” Apple wrote on its Website. “Seven years later, we’re about to celebrate our biggest milestone for music, yet—10 billion songs downloaded.”

As for the gift card, Apple continued, “It’s our way of saying thanks.”

While Apple says downloading the 10 billionth song “could” lead you to the big-money prize, consumers can also enter to win without a purchase or download by filling out this form.

Anyone 13 years or older can offer 25 entries per day, as long as they’re a legal resident of the United States, Canada (except for those in the province of Quebec—sorry, guys!), Japan, Mexico and a handful of European nations listed in gray fine print on the entry form page.

The contest ends after the 10 billionth song is download, which means it’s time to pull up that entry form. As of this writing, Apple’s tally was at 9.88 billion-plus and quickly counting.

In April 2009, 13-year-old Connor Mulcahey of Connecticut won a similar Apple contest surrounding its 1 billionth application download. Mulcahey, in an even sweeter deal, won a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod Touch and a Time Capsule.

By July, the App Store had hit 1.5 billion downloads. “The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement at the time. “With 1.5 billion apps downloaded, it is going to be very hard for others to catch up.”

Indeed, the same remains true today.

Source : Eweek.com


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