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Airtel is Launching Apple iPhone 3GS in India

Apple has finally decided to launch iPhone 3GS in India in collaboration with Bharti Airtel, India’s largest cellular service provider. This version of the iPhone is said to be very powerful and has a lot of speed, as well as has a few other features like long battery shelf, 3 MP auto focus camera., video recording and hands free facilities. Apart from that the most recommendable feature is the highly improved performance which is even two times faster than the currently available iPhone 3G.

The Apple iPhone 3GS will be made available for customers only through a service contract along with the service provider. Since Bharati Airtel has entered into a tie-up with Apple, the iPhone 3GS will be locked to Airtel and will work with an activated Airtel SIM card (as reaveled at the Airtel website). The iPhone will be available in Black & White colors. It will be available in 16 GB and 32 GB capacity.

Though Apple has not given any kind of price structure for the iPhone 3GS for the Indian market, the 16GB version of iPhone 3GS is priced approximately at Rs. 33,000 and the 32GB version will be around Rs. 42,000 in India.

Other cellular service providers like Reliance Communications, Vodafone Essar and Aircel are keen to tie-up with Apple to sell iPhone 3GS to their customers in India. Only state owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam and MTNL offer the 3G services as they get the services on preferential basis. The result of the auction and winner’s announcement will take around 2 months.


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Countdown Begins For Apple iPad

Start counting your fingertips for Apple ipad release date. The iPad is finally coming to an Apple store near you. As Apple announced last week, the device will go up for sale on April 3rd. You know we are getting close to an Apple release date when Apple’s marketing machine starts coming up with fun commercials. Its first commercial during the Oscars generated quite a buzz around the Web.

This revolutionary gadget can be used to surf the Web and read newspapers. Besides, the best thing of all is that it can also read book at a go, a feature that is not available with kindle that first produced by Amazon.

The arrival of Apple’s iPad will no doubt make the market more competitive with several companies trying to control price. Technology mavens are of the opinion that this would trigger a price war. However, Apple die-hard users have crowded its web site to place order. For the time being it is only being sold in American market. And it is limited also. Some 190,000 orders have been placed till now. But the company is not in a position to ship all its accessories that come with the iPad.

Apple’s most celebrated iPad is expected to make a sales of 3 million to 4 million in its first year. The device has already been accepting a great number of pre-orders from customers as Apple started pre-booking last week.

In addition, you can choose from over 1,50,000 apps in the App Store including entertainment apps, productivity apps, social networking apps, games, and more. iPad works with almost all of them. So if you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, just sync them to iPad from your Mac or PC. They run in their original size or you can expand them to fill the iPad screen.

We know that Apple gadgets are much more tempting..So when are you planning to purchase an iPad?


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Apple Released Aperture 3.0.2 and iMovie 8.0.6

Apple released a pair of software updates, offering improvements for Aperture users while also updating iMovie to improve its ability to use video from Aperture.

Aperture 3.0.2 weighs in at 69.83 MB and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.6.2. It offers a significant number of improvements throughout the application.

This update improves overall stability and fixes issues in a number of areas. The key areas addressed include:

  • Upgrading Aperture 1.x and 2.x libraries
  • Importing libraries from iPhoto or from earlier versions of Aperture
  • Importing hierarchical folders of photos into a library
  • Adding names and confirming matches in Faces
  • Reordering snapshots on the Faces corkboard
  • Creating and saving print presets
  • Duplicating metadata presets
  • Adjustments using Curves, Straighten and Retouching
  • Navigation of photos in the Viewer using scrolling
  • Importing ratings, color labels and GPS data from XMP sidecar files
  • IPTC metadata compatibility
  • Deleting photos when emptying the Aperture Trash
  • Exporting versions and libraries

Full details of the over 65 changes included in the update are available in the release notes.

iMovie 8.0.6, weighing in at 35.84 MB and requiring Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later, “improves reliability when working with videos from Aperture” and is recommended for all iMovie ’09 users.

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Enjoy “Alice in Wonderland” on Your iPhone

There is no argue that Alice in wonderland was everyone’s favorite childhood fairy tale.Tim Burton’s new film of the same name made people experience the same feelings that the story did in distant childhood. But it is not all! Here is the next surprise for you! Disney has released new Interactive iPhone game Alice in wonderland.You have opportunity to explore wonderland and experience Alice’s hole adventure on your own any time you want just for $4.99. Don’t miss the chance being hero of your childhood, what you ‘ve dreamed about!

Each playable character is equipped with their own special set of abilities.

The Cheshire Cat that makes objects appear or disappear; March Hare is moving objects; Mad Hatter transforms objects and White Rabbit–who can freeze the time.

To switch between characters you tap on Alice and choose another one to transform into, and use their special powers to get past various mazes.

Alice in Wonderland — An Adventure Beyond the Mirror is probably one of the best 2D platform puzzle games on the iPhone/iPod touch compatible with iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

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Now You Can “Gift An App” To Your Friend

iTunes gifting has always been a nice, lazy way to wish a friend a happy birthday or holiday, but until now that feature has been exclusive to iTunes audio and video media. Now, Apple has added the ability to send iPhone apps as gifts.

After agreeing to the new iTunes Store terms and conditions, you’ll be able to select a “Gift This App” option from the pull-down menu next to an app’s price. From thereon, you can punch in the name and e-mail address of your desired recipient, along with a personal message, and iTunes will send him or her a redemption code to download the app.

It works the same way as gifting music or movies, which has been a popular feature in the iTunes Store. This is especially good news for iPhone developers, as the gifting feature can induce brand new iPhone owners to download their first paid app ever. Gifting might just work as a gateway drug that gets iPhone owners hooked on the addictive experience of paying for new apps and digital media in general, which would further stimulate the app economy.

A hat tip to Rana Sobhany, who first noted the change in her blog.

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