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Best Wi-Fi Apps for iPhone

It started its life as a harmless little gadget that let you carry your music collection wherever you go. However, as the iPod evolved it got incremental updates like color screen, video support, lighter and more storage along the way. But when Apple launched the Touch, it created a stir and changed the way we perceive MP3 players.

Today the iPod touch is in its third iteration and continues to be the object of desire for many music lovers. Apart from the music and video playback capabilities, the main attraction for getting an iPod Touch is its apps. In this article we will be focusing on a few apps that take advantage of a mostly seldom used feature in the iPod Touch – Wi-Fi. Not only can you use it to surf the Internet and check the weather, but also do many other productive things with it. This will of course work with the iPhone as well. All you need is a Wi-Fi router and internet access.

AirVideo – The best invention since sliced bread!

AirVideo is a paid app (free version also available) on the Appstore that allows you to stream videos straight from your PC on to your iPod. Now this may not seem like a big deal since there are many players that can do it, but only for MP4 videos that the iPod supports. The trump card of AirVideo is their new Live Conversion feature that allows you to watch most popular video formats (AVI, MKV, etc) while it converts the video on the fly, how cool is that.

After installing the server on your PC, simply add the path to your folders you wish to view on your iPod. You can even password protect it if you want. After that simply install the app (paid or free) on your iPod and it will find your PC automatically. If your video is already in MP4 format then you can choose to play it directly else go for Live Conversion. Depending on the resolution of the video it will take some time to buffer but for a standard DVD resolution, the wait time is just a few seconds after which the movie starts playing without any lag there after. We even tried a 1080p movie, which initially took a little long to buffer, but once done, played flawlessly. If you’re on firmware version 3.1 or later you can also seek forward and backward. The icing on the cake is the quality of video, which is just superb. The clarity and crispness is unmatched, and I don’t think any other app out there offers you this.

Even if you don’t buy it, at least try the free version that limits you to three videos per folder.

Logitech Touch Mouse – It’s time to chuck out the DiNovo Mini

The Logitech DiNovo mini is like the Lotus Elise of the HTPC world; it’s small, compact and quite expensive. We absolutely fell in love with what Logitech had achieved here, but sadly we could never dream of owning one, as the idea of plopping 10K for a wireless mouse is ridiculous.

Ironically, Logitech have just solved that problem (and possibly shooed away the few who would have actually bought this) by launching a Touch mouse app that turns your iPod into a DiNovo mini of sorts, and what’s best- it’s free!

All you need is the server running in the background and that’s it. The app converts iPod screen into a trackpad and even supports two finger scrolling. If you need to type something, simply hit the keyboard icon and you get a familiar iPod styled keyboard. This is still v1.0 and hopefully Logitech will add other features as well like pinch zooming, etc. Now you can cross out the DiNovo mini from your wish list.

Source: Techtree.com

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