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Now You Can “Gift An App” To Your Friend

iTunes gifting has always been a nice, lazy way to wish a friend a happy birthday or holiday, but until now that feature has been exclusive to iTunes audio and video media. Now, Apple has added the ability to send iPhone apps as gifts.

After agreeing to the new iTunes Store terms and conditions, you’ll be able to select a “Gift This App” option from the pull-down menu next to an app’s price. From thereon, you can punch in the name and e-mail address of your desired recipient, along with a personal message, and iTunes will send him or her a redemption code to download the app.

It works the same way as gifting music or movies, which has been a popular feature in the iTunes Store. This is especially good news for iPhone developers, as the gifting feature can induce brand new iPhone owners to download their first paid app ever. Gifting might just work as a gateway drug that gets iPhone owners hooked on the addictive experience of paying for new apps and digital media in general, which would further stimulate the app economy.

A hat tip to Rana Sobhany, who first noted the change in her blog.

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