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Which One is Best for iPhone App Testing – iPhone QA / Web QA?

Testing is a procedure of technical investigation that is intended to reveal quality-related information about the product with respect to the context in which it is ordained to operate. App testing is an essential process that comprises part of the application development life-cycle. Through testing you can analyze how your developed application will perform in a real-world environment by installing and testing it directly on iPhone or iPod touch.

iPhone testing is more or less similar to website testing. Website testing involves various kinds of testing like; functionality testing, GUI testing, security testing etc. Similarly we check the iPhone application for its functionality, display of the various images and content and data protection. In website testing, for detecting security issues, we use the following techniques: –

  • Penetration testing.
  • Password cracking
  • URL Testing
  • Virus Detectors etc.

Whereas the security testing of iPhone app testing is done in a different manner. Following features can be adapted for the security of the iPhone apps: –

  • Encryption
  • Remote Wipe
  • Local wipe

In website testing we check for the scalability of the website that include stress testing and load testing. In this we check the performance of the website when subjected to various kinds of load by the users. On the contrary, iPhone applications are free from such kind of testing modus operandi, as the application has to be uploaded on a single device.

In the iPhone applications we focus more on the memory issues as many of the non-reproducible bugs you come across while testing iPhone apps are related to memory problems. It is quintessential to know and report available free memory before launching an application. Consequently, a crashing defect may vanish when there’s plenty of free memory available.

A1 technology’s iPhone application Quality Assurance team verify applications in its entirety and test the functionality of each setting related to the application. The team works in close co-ordination with the application developers to identify and resolve all crash points. Our testing experts test the behavior of iPhone app in low connectivity mode and verify proper behavior.

A-1 Technology’s quality analysts measure the memory usage of the application to determinate all memory leaks and test the application in the sleep mode. The iPhone Quality Analysts possess the expertise to resolve all the testing issues and ensures that your applications run smoothly.

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