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Review – Fluent News Reader App for iPhone & iPad

Fluent News Reader is cooler free iPhone App designed by Fluent Mobile. This app offers quick, mobile device-optimized access to news from nearly 50 top-quality sources– Slate, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and even PCWorld.

When you launch Fluent Mobile’s app, it defaults to the Top News section. Headlines load quickly, with icons for the news source, timestamps, and article blurbs visible at a glance. Tap on an article, and it loads blazingly fast. That’s because Fluent News Reader smartly links to mobile versions of the Web pages for each article, and those tend to load in an instant. It’s easy to save an article (which stores it on another tab within the app), e-mail it, or post it to Twitter or Facebook.

To switch from Top News to another section, you tap the Sections tab. All the major news categories–Entertainment, US News, and Technology–you’d expect to find are there. The Search tab allows you to save up to three searches, which get pinned to the top of the Sections tab.

By default, Fluent News lets you disable up to one source, and choose to get more stories from one other source. An in-app upgrade is available for what’s dubbed “Premium Access.” That disables the (inoffensive) ads, and allows unlimited custom search-based sections, and unlimited fine-tuning of sources. Premium Access runs $2 for one month, or $3 for three months.

With the arrival of the iPad, Fluent News was updated to become a hybrid app that ran on both the iPhone and the iPad. Fluent News on the iPad is just an enlarged version of Fluent News on the iPhone.

Fluent News is fast, full of top-notch sources, and a snap to use. iPhone-toting news junkies will find it a powerful way to browse headlines, while iPad users should hold out for a more optimized version.

Source : Businessweek.com


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Review – AllReceipes Dinner Spinner iPhone App

For all cooking lovers “AllReceipe DInner Spinner” is on your iPhone now. Now you don’t have to spend your time looking for the right receipe and even don’t have to cross check the ingredients of the receipe in your computer..AllReceipes Dinner Spinner comes as a solution for your problems.

Its a free, ad-supported iPhone app, which provides you fun and easy access to the user-generated recipes on this popular cooking Web site. Its a slot-machine interface that provides user search for the new meal possibilities.

There are three spinners in this app interface. The first spinner allows you to pick the type of meal you want to cook, while the second one allows you to pick whatever main ingredient you want to use and the last one lets you select your cooking time. After selecting all this, let is spin and you will get the receipe which fits all of your requirements.

If you don’t want to use the spinner, you can even just browse featured recipes. You click on a recipe for more information, including a full ingredient list, cooking instructions, nutritional information, and user reviews from AllRecipes.com, and you can save any recipe to your favorites for later viewing.

If you are thinking of something specific you would like to cook but don’t have a recipe you can easily use the search function (with optional filters such as “Vegetarian” and “Low Sodium”) to find just what you need. Other similar paid apps may have deeper functionality, but the Dinner Spinner gives you a lot of features (and fun) for free.

This app truly is a must have for anyone with a busy home life because is a lifesaver when you are on the go and looking for quick and easy dinner ideas. So what are you looking for? Go and grab this app.


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Real Racing HD- iPad App Review

Real Racing HD and the iPad were basically made for each other. From developer Firemint, this first-person racing game is just as good–maybe even better–than any console racing game out there, but at a fraction of the price.

First thing’s first: like any racing game, it takes some practice to get a feel for Real Racing HD’s controls. Luckily, there are a whopping five control schemes to please everyone. Pick your combination of acceleration (automatic or manual, meaning accelerometer), steering (accelerometer or touch-screen), and braking (automatic or manual). I found the more tilting involved, the better, but there’s something for everyone.

There are three main racing modes, with near-endless replayability in each. Career is your standard tournament race structure, with 12 multi-course cups in all. You start with the “hatch” car and a one-lap qualifying race, with a goal time to beat in order to win a bronze, silver, or gold cup.

After the qualifier, there are two tournaments to beat in the hatch car, before you move up to the “sedan” qualifier and its two tournaments—and so on and so forth, up through the “muscle” and “exotic” cars. If you manage to make it through all 12, there are three levels of difficulty to master before you’re truly done.

And that’s only one game mode. The other two, Quick Race and Time Trial, are quite a bit less labor intensive, but just as multidimensional. The courses here don’t have specific cars associated with them, but you can only use the cars that you’ve unlocked in Career mode. Four courses are available at start and the other eight must be unlocked as well.

For Quick Race, you can customize how many laps you want to do and whether you race against opponents. Time Trial is always one lap and you’re always alone, but as you unlock the more advanced cars, you can compare your times on the same track.

Multiplayer is available for local races through the same WiFi connection. For rankings and worldwide competition, Real Racing HD uses Cloudcell, an online, third-party service for leader boards and race matchups. Unfortunately, the registration process for Cloudcell is almost prohibitively involved. Worse yet, stats and rankings aren’t integrated into the app, so opening the links to see them forces you to exit Real Racing and launch Safari, then go back when you’re done looking.

There’s nothing to say about the graphics except that they’re flawless, and with the iPad sitting right in front of you, it feels like you’re driving a go-kart. The looks and sounds of the game are customizable as well. Cloudcell provides skins to outfit your car: just follow the “More skins” button to the website, take a screen capture of the one you like, and wrap it or any other photo in your library around the car. And if you are so inclined, you can tap the pause button at the beginning of any race and select music to listen to from your iPod.

Real Racing HD has such a vast amount of gaming options and combinations, it would be impossible to enumerate them all here. Suffice it to say that you will probably never complete the game and almost certainly never get tired of it. Not many console racing games can say that, and none of them will set you back just $10 either.

Source : Macworld.com


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British Military Fitness App For iPhone

Some folks just need the voice of a military man yelling instructions in their ears in order to get a good workout. If that sounds like the kick in the butt you want to get in shape, check out British Military Fitness.

Designed by Big Ideas Corporation Limited, this is a good old-fashioned break-a-manly-sweat type of workout, complete with running, lunges, sit-ups and push-ups. When you enter the app, create a profile with the icon on the bottom left, including your height and weight so you can keep track of your progress.

On the main “My Workout” menu, tap Instructors to choose between two personal trainers. Both have highly energetic and encouraging voices. Click Set Up & Go to get started. The layout is interesting and easy to figure out quickly. You can choose whether or not to monitor your heart rate and have access to the videos during the workout, and you can also select the duration of you workout – anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. Choose a Low, Medium or High Intensity Level, and choose whether you want to focus on cardio, strength or a combination of both.

The level at which you’re allowed to customize your workout is seriously impressive. Each workout automatically includes a warm-up and cool-down. I would recommend setting up a workout, then playing through it once without moving. When the trainer gives a new instruction, you can choose to view the video, which pauses the instructions. Very useful, but if you’re actually trying to exercise the constant starting and stopping is irritating. Watch the videos once, then when you’re ready to begin you’ll be able to get through the workout without stopping.

As the workout plays, you can tap pause at any point. However, you can’t rewind, which is another reason I think it’s best to watch the videos before pulling on your sweats and tennis shoes. When a new move comes up, the app beeps to let you know you can watch the video, so turn the video option off before starting your workout to avoid that distraction. I do wish it was possible to rewind in the workout – you’re only options once you start are to pause or go back, so take care not to accidentally brush that Back button while your doing the moves.

Military Fitness also tests you on your sit-ups, push-ups and running, allowing you to easily record your results and view your progress. The impressive level of customization and enthusiasm of the instruction of this app makes it well worth the price.

Source : Theiphoneappreview.com


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Apple Plans to Integrate Facebook Info on iPhone

Facebook’s iPhone app is one of the well-known app in Apple’s App Store. But if recent buzz are true, some of that app’s functionality could be accessible to iPhone owners after the release of iPhone OS 4.0.

According to a report from Gunning for Safety, the safety blog has discovered evidence in the developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 that Facebook friends and events could be integrated into the new software.

“It looks like Apple plans to implement Facebook’s Events into the iPhone’s Calendar app, as well as add Facebook’s friends network to the iPhones contacts database,” the blog wrote.

Rumors are already swirling over how Apple plans to integrate Facebook’s information into the iPhone. But if Gunning for Safety’s accounts are accurate, the company could make it easy for Facebook users to add events from the social network to their iPhone calendars. Users might also be able to bolster their contact lists with friends.

That said, it’s important to note that Gunning for Safety’s findings don’t necessarily mean that Facebook integration is coming to the iPhone; neither company has confirmed such features. In an e-mailed statement, Facebook said only that the upcoming version of its iPhone app will deliver new features; it wouldn’t confirm or deny that Facebook will be integrated into the iPhone.

“We continue to work on bringing new features to Facebook for iPhone,” a Facebook spokeswoman wrote. “We’re really excited about the upcoming version of the Facebook for iPhone app and we think people will be happy with it, but we don’t pre-announce products or when they will be released.”

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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