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iAd – Apple’s New Mobile Advertising Platform

This week, among other things, Apple unleashed its new mobile advertising platform called iAd. This is based on the company’s acquisition of the mobile ad platform Quattro earlier this year.

iAd is seen as a direct competitor to AdMob, which Google is still in the process of trying to acquire (the announcement was made in November), and Steve Jobs has even said Apple tried to acquire itself. The AdMob deal has been under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, to determine if it would reduce competition in mobile advertising. Seeing as how Apple has now unveiled its own direct competitor, one would think that it would help Google’s case for getting its AdMob deal done.

If so, perhaps it will all work to Google’s benefit. They can see what Apple has done, what works about it, and what doesn’t. Apple put out the iPhone, then along came Android, and Android use is skyrocketing. Can Google repeat this with mobile ads? Apple shows how it’s going to do mobile ads. If the AdMob deal goes through, Google will then show the world its own plan (beyond the following).

Source : Webpronews.com

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