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Apple iPhone OS 4.0 vs. the Competition

Seven major features in the latest version of Apple’s OS have been disclosed in an announcement of iPhone OS 4.0, by Cupertino, Calif.

Majority of the additions are a no surprise, as these were the additions which were wanted when iPhone 3.0 debuted last year. However, the features announced already exist in various forms in other mobile operating systems. Does this mean Apple will implement these features into its phone better than its competitors did into theirs? The answer to this perhaps is Yes. It is actually impressive with how intuitive and tightly integrated the new features are in the OS. Nobody knows who does what better until you actually take iPhone 4.0 for a spin.

Let’s compare iPhone 4.0 operating system to various flavors of Android and Windows Phone 7.

The multitasking system of iPhone 4.0’s is incredibly simple and clean . And the striking feature is it won’t drain your iPhone’s battery, according to Apple. This is because the apps aren’t running at full performance simultaneously. That means it’s quite not a full multitasking. Apple’s multitasking is basically a combination of background processing and quick app switching. This might disappoint some users, but most iPhone owners will be pleased with this updated. And yes, this means you can stream music from Pandora while checking your e-mail. To see your open apps, you simply double-click the home button, and a “dock” showing all of your open apps will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

Android and all the other mobile platforms have some kind of full multitasking. Quick app switching and some background processing is used by Windows Phone 7.

Neither there is a homepage where you can customize with said widgets, nor there’s a support for live widgets in the new O.S. Somehow it limits the level of customization on the phone.

However, Apples’s new phone O.S. has been provided with folder support. This helps you organize your apps into folders by category by dragging and dropping them into each other. The iPhone will automatically assign a category name for them.

In the Apple’s new phone there’s no place to save or store your notifications. Both Palm and Android have fairly unobtrusive notification systems, and both let you see all of your older notifications.
In addition, iPhone 4.0’s new service, called “local notifications,” won’t rely on a third-party server. So if you have a TV Guide app and you want to be reminded of when a show comes on, you can have it send you a notification.

Universal Inbox
Now, you can now view your Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., accounts in one seamless view. And this is because, Apple finally jumped on board with universal inbox support. Basically, the interface appears to be pretty straightforward and clean and more or less on a par with the Android, BlackBerry, and WebOS universal inboxes.

iPhone 4 is all set to oin Android and WebOS in supporting multiple Exchange accounts.


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Breast Health Healing – iPhone App Review

One of the highest rated application on the app store.The app has very unique and helpful features which i suppose are helpful to all the women. The application creates an awareness among the women about their breast health because Breast Cancer is one the major casuses of women death in United States. A unique feature of the app is called Theresa Quilt.

The Breast Health & Healing Foundation has introduced this unique online symbol designed to document the impact of breast cancer on millions of women around the world and to raise the funds needed to discover the underlying causes of the disease.The virtual “quilt” is made up of patches or images linked together online.Each image is dedicated to a survivor or victim of disease.

The “Theresa Quilt” is named for Theresa Garruto Ruddy, Dr.Kathleen T. Ruddy’s mother who is one of the survivor herself. You can also follow the Doctor herself through the app. Links have been provided to the foundation’s site i.e, Breast Health and Healing and other social networking sites like facebook,twitter etc so that the client may read the daily upated blogs.

The app provides the MAMMOGRAM CENTER LOCATION FINDER tool to help make the task of findimg and scheduling your appointment quick and easy. The app shows you a map with all of the closest locations along with their address and phone number. The last is upto you. Make your appointment. Get checked regularly…FOR YOU AND FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE.


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