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Taxista : Taxi Magic On iPhone

App store has amazed people by introducing lot many features and applications that has brought a revolution in the mobile industry. With the passage of time, they are keeping on glorifying the industry with several new apps. A new app named “Taxi Magic” is recently went live on app store, is doing that job, what the others can’t : on-demand cab service from your iPhone at the push of a button. This new app has added a new zinc to the iPhone and it will surely provide you the best cab services info.

Directly you can connect Taxi routing systems with the help of this application, allowing booking of cabs without any communication with an operator. This application is available in over 25 cities across the US. It is very easy to use and works effectively at anywhere , anytime. Ordering a cab is fairly simple:

1. Launch Taxi Magic on your iPhone.
2. It will use GPS or triangulation to determine your general location.
3. A list of nearby cab services will be displayed with complete info.

After choosing a supported cab company, the application will ask for your exact street address and will then take you to a status screen that will alert you once your ride is dispatched. The status screen also allows you to view how far away the cab is and the driver’s name.

This application includes many features like :

1. Live updates of where your taxi is, and when it will come.
2. Taxi Magic makes it easy to pay for taxis by credit card, safely and securely.
3. Driver’s status can be checked .
4. Yellow cab, limousine, other car services.

Whenever one wants to hail a cab , the only thing you have to is use your iPhone and you are on your way. This is just the beginning of this app, hopefully in future various other features like toll estimates based on the distance you’re travelling, SMS alerts to inform when the will get on its way etc. The also benefits the businesses travellers to produce expense reports for their cab rides.

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