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The New Generation Modem: iPhone

July 2010 saw the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4, that is an aggregation of amazing hardware and multitasking software. This launch is also creating wonders as people are going crazy for this smart phone with the passage of time. The continuous releases of iPhone are glorifying the mobile industry and it is attracting more and more people with its striking features. As far as internet is considered, the iPhone comes with an amazing mobile browser.

In this fast paced life, many of you have to travel along long distances and in order to keep an hold on your business you may require an internet connection at any given point. Hence iPhone can be considered as a solution to this. This device can be used as a attached modem for your PC or Laptop. Simple procedure is to be followed and you can access the internet at any time, any place even while you are on move.

Before using iPhone as modem, you need to first enable it via iPhone dock-connector-to-USB cable. Calls can be made and received on your phone while using it as a dial-up modem, if it uses a 3G connection. The directions of using iPhone as modem isn’t very long or tedious. All it takes is few simple steps and you’ll be ready to surf.

Step 1: On your iPhone menu, go to “Settings” icon. Click on “Settings” icon.
Step 2: Click on “General” and then click on “Network” subcategory.
Step 3: After the “Network” icon, click on “Internet Tethering” option. Slide the option from “Off” to “On”. Once you slide it to “On” icon, it will turn blue. This is where you have activated your iPhone to work as a modem.
Step 4: Next, connect your cell phone with the laptop with the iPhone to USB cable. A pop-up window will appear prompting you for approval. Click on “iPhone” and then select “Apply”. Your laptop has been connected to the Internet.
Step 5: You have successfully learned how to use iPhone as modem. Now you can launch the web browser for quick Internet access.

It is not at all difficult to use the iPhone as a modem for laptop or PC. All you have to do is follow few simple steps and you’ll be online in no time.

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