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The Best Construction App for the iPhone and iPad

For the past couple of years, cell phone users without AT&T have been jealous of the many apps that iPhone users can take advantage of. Now, with the release of the iPad, they can get many of the same apps without having the Apple cell phone. When someone gets a brand new iPad, they should make sure they download the best free iPad apps right away.
A brand new construction app that has been doing really well is OnSite Files for iPad. It’s a free app that lets you view, share, and comment on your files – which can be anything from estimates and schedules to proposals or purchase orders, etc. It comes with a free ConstructionOnline account, and that’s where you upload and store tons of project info, like files, photos, etc.
The OnSite Files app lets you easily view, access and share files on your iPhone.
You can easily:
-Enjoy single-step account creation to start accessing your files immediately.
– Take advantage of multitasking with iPhone OS4.
– View additional file types, including .JPG, .TIF, .PDF.
– View all of your files on-the-go; Word, Excel, PDFs, RTFs, PowerPoint, and images.
– For shared viewing and workspaces, send share links to your team members, clients, anyone from the app.
– Control who sees and edits what by setting your permissions on your free ConstructionOnline account.
– View, Add, or Reply to Comments on your files, folders, and projects.
– Know what’s happening with notifications of who has uploaded, downloaded, updated, or commented on your files, folders, images, and projects.
– Listen to audio files and watch videos and movies stored on ConstructionOnline.

This is the first apps that someone should download when they start playing with their new iPad.

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Dental Expert Is A Patients Guide !

A huge range of health-related apps already exist for the iPhone alone – designed to help people stay healthy, support patients living with disease, increase health literacy, manage medical information, and support medicine compliance to name just a few applications.The dental Expert is a new app of iphone which proves to be more useful and helpful to enjoy the taste of life it covers the concept of dental care. The app is plump full of useful information, including answers to commonly asked questions, myths vs. facts, fun facts, and the ability to ask a question and have it answered in the next update and overseen by NYC Cosmetic & General Dentist – Dr. Marc Lazare.

What everyone should know to help keep their teeth for a life time What to do when there is a dental emergency (when home or traveling) The 10 best ways to keep your dental costs down Best ways to minimize your pain, fear and anxiety All of the important information you should know about your child’s dental care Knowing what all of your options are when missing one or more teeth, What you should know about teeth whitening Understanding the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Cancer A summary of Alternative Dental Therapies How to choose a good dentist What you should know about Gum Disease (Causes and treatments) How to prevent bad breath An explanation of Root Canal treatment Orthodontics.

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Not Impossible just hard !!

The Impossible Quiz is designed to be very difficult. It will test your knowledge of a wide variety of information. It is a true test of your intelligence and the ultimate quiz to determine who the smartest person is. It is fun to test your wits after all..

Save three lives and be the winner;
or loose a live and somehow stumble to end the game.

Beware of the tricky audio clips which can even provoke you to give the incorrect answer. Wade of the pain induced by boredom and keep up your chuckle with The Impossible Quiz within your reach. If you have had your share, play it among friends and family members, life is worth a bit of fun also.


In The Impossible Quiz! iPhone app you will be able to try your hand at one of the hardest virtual quizzes that has ever been created. It’s not just difficult or really hard, it is literally impossible to complete all of the questions and challenges that are provided in the app. This is an original app with brain busting qualities and you will find that the logic puzzles are pretty wacky. You will need luck, quick reflexes, and some pretty sound logic in order to complete all of the questions.

Anyone that isn’t one for general knowledge on popular subjects will be pleased to hear that The Impossible Quiz is a test of another type. The questions asked are not on sport, history, pop music or geography. They are questions of a more cunning mind benders and are arguably of a more entertaining nature. You have three lives when you start a game, which again is just as well because the questions become progressively more difficult as the game carries on. The Impossible Quiz is a comical app and features sound bites and music that accords with this principle. In the mid of the game there appears a timer question i.e Bomb .It means you have to answer rapidly, if you fail so then Game overs….very sad!

Let’s take a look at a question or two to give you an idea of what you’re up against.

The first question we saw from the app was: ‘how many holes in a polo?’. The obvious answer would be one. However, you have to look at the question a different way. The real answer is four which represents the amount of Os in the sentence. Pretty crafty. It’s just as well the answers are multiple choice too or we’d be in real trouble. Another question is: ‘can a match box?’. The answer options are ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘no but a tin can’ or ‘yes, one beat Mike Tyson’. This is another good example of the crafty nature of the questions.

This quiz is one of the hardest quizzes out there and you will notice that there are over 100 different questions for you to try and answer.  These questions will have a mixture of classic original ones as well as mind benders that you have never even seen before.


1. 35 levels.
2. Fun Music and Sound XX

As you are reading the quiz questions and are trying to answer them you will be able to use the unique setup that has been provided by the introduction of the touch screen.  Your solutions will be submitted in that manner.

Another great part about the app is that it has full integration with social networking sites.  It is especially compatible with Facebook so you will be able to post your scores and how far you have gotten on the quiz for all of your family and friends to see.

One of the main features of this fun little app is the cat named Chris.  He will follow you around and give you some tips and some advice wherever it may be necessary.

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Art-lover’s best friend-MoMa !!

The free MoMa by the Museum of Modern Art iPhone app is a very snazzy little app. Head on over to the museum and be ready for a great, artistic experience through this powerful app.

After a very avant-garde looking splash screen, you will end up on the first page of the app’s interface: the Calendar. The first category of the Calendar will be “Today at MoMa.” Here, you can see everything that is on exhibit in the museum today. There are different filters that you can select that will allow you to access the same information in a variety of different ways, allowing you to find just what you need and not everything else. You can even select a date from the calendar to see what will be happening on that day. You can also view exhibition dates, film schedules, program dates, and more. At the bottom of the page, there is a little info pane that gives you an at-a-glance for that day’s hours.

The next page within the app is the “Tours” page. You can select tours by floor, by number, by special exhibitions, and more. You are able to listen to the audio tours right on your iOS device as you take in the experience of the museum.

As we continue to the right on your navigation bar, the next page is your “Art” page. Here you can see what is currently on exhibit, browse artists, collections and more. You can even search the collections for specific pieces that you are looking for. To the right of the “Art” page you have “Info.” This is your TomTom for the museum. You have directions to food, shops, floor plans of the museum, hours, ticketing, and more. How easy is that?

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Blank Emails On iPhone IOS 4

Sometimes iPhone Mail running on iOS 4 has the nasty habit of displaying blank email messages or loading empty message previews in the Inbox. This problem is easily fixed.
1. By default your message previews should be enabled. To make sure they are on, touch Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Preview and select the number of preview lines desired.
2. If you’re running iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G, reset by holding down the home and sleep buttons until the Apple logo comes up on the screen.
3. For iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users, double-click the home button to bring up multitasking.
4. Find the Mail icon. Touch and hold the Mail icon until a red circle appears in the upper left hand corner of the icon.
5. Touch the red circle in the upper left hand corner of the icon (with the minus sign) to quit Mail.
6. Double-click the home button to exit. Touch the Mail icon to open Mail and now your messages should display properly.
The beauty of iPhone is not just what you get out of the box but the unlocked potential that it hosts.

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