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Be Connected To Flipboard !!

Flipboard, the latest one to hit the App Store, may well outshine the rest. When you launch the free app, the first thought that might come to your mind is, “cool!:”

Flipboard is indeed a cool magazine reader, content web browser, and of course a social networking application. But you might say, “What else is new?” Well, in my opinion it‘s not just the content it delivers but how it delivers it. It feels and acts like a dozen magazines you can flip through and read sitting in your favorite reading chair or lying in bed.

Digital pages in the app open quickly and smoothly as you tap, slide, and zoom in on content. Most pages consist of several articles laid out in columns like paper magazines and newspapers. The first tap of a piece of content opens to a longer section of the article. The “Read on Web” button serves up the entire content, but thankfully the Read on Web doesn’t take you out of the app and into Safari. The original pages of stories easily download within the app like any other web browser. You can also scan the latest story headlines in the same way you scan pages in Apple‘s iBook by sliding your finger across the dotted slider of each page. Flipboard is also set up for you to share what you’re reading via your Twitter or email account.

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