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iPhone – Camera Is Rocking

I guess this was the “magical” part of the iPhone 4.

“Look how we ‘magically’ transform your boring, dull life into a vibrant, saturated facade!” Nothing else has been good enough. But the iPhone 4 is…Five megapixels is good enough. Photos are “real camera” size. Dimly lit bars, that smell like must and old beer, or hair-gel-heavy nightclubs. That’s where most people (intentionally) take flash photos. The iPhone 4 won’t produce the kind of dreamy night portraits . The flash is strong, but aesthetically, what comes out looks like any other phone—washed out, blown out—just warmer, and less grainy. I would leave it off. Warmth is also what you notice about the iPhone 4’s photos and video in low light. They’re richer, fuller. There’s color and more of a sense of life in the photos, more like a real camera.

The sensor’s pixels do pick up more light than the average phone camera. (And Apple clearly cranks the noise suppression too, just enough.) That’s partly because the lens is faster, and wider. The iPhone 3GS and the Droid X’s have f2.8 lenses that cut closer photos. The iPhone 4 has an f2.4 lens, so it lets in more light to begin with.

720p video is good enough. It’s HD. The iPhone 4’s 30fps framerate is smoother and more consistent than the Droid X; the colors more vibrant than it or the Flip. At night, the iPhone 4’s video looks more natural, and less washed out. It’s fast too. Instant. Seriously, the speed at which it reacts to your touch is jarring in the most feel-good of ways. The only other phone camera I’ve used that’s nearly that fast is the Evo. It’s easy to get to everything. Tap to focus. Tap to switch cameras. Sometimes I wish the iPhone 4’s camera had more extensive controls, like a few Android phones, because it takes excellent enough photos to make me want to fine-tune them. But I also like not thinking about it. Touch and shoot. If only you could use the home button as a hard shortcut too.

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