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Powerbook in Your Pocket

The future is in the details now as iphone4 is the result of everything they’ve learned so far. It is more than fancy cell phones with their features -from phone to web browser,from ipod to mobile game tool.

Iphone4 is drastically new and drastically different from what came before here’s the detailed list of our findings:

1. Lovely front video chat camera.
2. Improved regular back camera.
3. Micro sim instead of standard sim
4. Split buttons for volume.
5. All the background technology in iphone4 is situated between two glossy pannels of aluminosilicate glass as it is durable,more scratch resistant than ever and also one of the finest thing that it also recyclable.
6.It has attractive Retina display A MERE 78 micrometeres across- that make text remarkable sharp and graphics incredible vivid with gift of excellent color and contrast ratio 800.1 from viewing every angel .
7. Long last battery as it offers a superb power management system which coupled with a larger capacity battery offers up to 40% improvement battery life over the iphones 3GS

As the iphone developers always keep concept in their mind to not to make apps that people like ,make apps that people love!

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