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Apple’s iPad is a large, high resolution CED-backlit IPS display. An incredible responsive Multi Touch Screen and an amazingly powerful Apple-designed chip. All in a design that’s so thin and light enough to take anywhere. iPad isn’t just the best device of its kind. It’s a whole new kind of device.

LED-backlit IPS Display:
The high resolution, 9.7 inch LED backlit IPS display on ipad is remarkable crisp and vivid which makes it perfect for web browsing, watching, movies or viewing photos. And because it uses a display technology called IPS (in a plane switching) it has a wide ,178” viewing angle.

Its ipad is designed in such a way whether you are zooming in on a map, flicking through your photos , or deleting an e-mail , ipad responds with incredible accuracy and it does what you want it to.

The screen is 9.7 inches measured diagonally. So overall, it’s slightly smaller that magazine and a slight curve to the back makes it easy to pick up and comfortable to hold.

Accordingly to Mark Hachman report, 8/5/2010 on thursday, DISH Network took its apple iphone app to the ipod, allowing users to program and directly control their DISH DVRs.

The ipad version adds a new twist, remote control,allowing a user who is unwilling or unable to find his DVR remote control the DVR via the tablet.

Vivek Khemka the vice president of customer technology for DISH Network, in a statement stated:

“At Dish Network we are exicted about the potential of tablet computers – like the apple ipad -to enhance the TV viewing experience and enable consumers to remain connected to their TV’s everywhere”

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