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Upgrade Your IPhone With Recovery Stick !!

As phones become more central to people’s lives, they’re also treasure troves of information that can reveal where people have been, who they’ve been communicating with, and what they’re doing online. Until now, there was no simple way for parents, spouses, or business owners to recover deleted data from iPhones,” said Atlas Technology Group VP Scott Graubart, in a statement. “The technology behind our product is a game changer for law enforcement, and will be equally important for the safety and security of families and businesses around the world.”

Deleting a text message or clearing a phone’s Web browsing history doesn’t mean that information is gone…just less accessible. Iphone experts wants to help iPhone lovers to step into the arena of data recovery—and, yes, even snooping—with its iPhone Recovery Stick, which can pull textmessages call histories, Web browsing history, photos, voice memos, appointments, and more from an iPhone.

How the magic happens: The iPhone Recovery Stick takes the form of a USB data stick: users first connect the target iPhone via USB, then pop the iPhone Recovery Stick into another available USB port. The included software then proceeds to scan the iPhone for recoverable data; depending on the state of the iPhone, the process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. However, the type of information that can be recovered is extensive, including call histories, Web browsing history, photos, voice memos, map history, dynamic text data (what the iPhone “learns” to assist with predictive text input), contacts, calendar and appointment information, and (of course) SMSmessages.

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