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GPS Tracking Apps

If you haven’t tried out the GPS Tracking App yet, now is the time! The application will let you locate your friends, family and co-workers. With a simple tap on the screen you will be able to let the others know where you are or you can request for their location. Integrated with google maps the App allows the users to locate where their friends are on the Google Maps. The Application even offers turn by turn directions that facilitates the users to locate each other in a quick and easy maner.

One thing’s for sure, GPS Tracking App is a really well put together and thought out app. There are a couple other great features this app offers including Integration with Facebook, Twitter, unlimited users, text messaging, no Ads and much more. It is an interactive friend finder, social networker, party starter and much more making it a must have application.

The main difference between this app and other GPS Tracking apps like it is how easily and specifically you can search for your friends, how the search results are returned, and what all you can do once you have located your friends. The app brings to you facebook and twitter connect. You will be able to post your location on the wall or tweet it using a click of a button. The App is very comprehensive as compared to other similar applications.

In Addition to the great new features, I’m a huge fan of GPS Tracking App Mobile’s interface. The Interface is elegantly designed and super easy to use. The popularity of the application can be accessed from the fact that the Application has already had more than 5,00,000 downloads across 84 countries leading it among the Top ten highest downloaded and number 3 top grossing social networking app on iTunes.

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Importance of GPS Tracking.

GPS is important as it helps you to figure out where you are and where you are going when you are traveling from one place to another. Navigation and positioning are important but cumbersome activities, which GPS makes it easier.

Once GPS locates your position, then it starts tracing other factors like speed, bearing, tracks, trip distance, Locate People, Real Time Tracking, Text Messaging, Group Messaging, Group Locating, Upload Photos Turn by Turn Directions, Privacy. GPS uses ‘man-made’ stars as reference points to calculate positions accurate to a matter of meters. However, with recent forms of GPS you can make measurements much better than centimeter readings. So it is with the aid of GPS that you can give a unique and specified address to every square meter on the planet. GPS tracking system installed in the phone can greatly help an individual to get automated GPS information through their cell phones.

The way an GPS tracking app works is you install it directly on the Mobile that you want to track. Once installed, the app will transmit GPS coordinates to an online account that you set up at time of purchase. This enables you to log into your account and view both historical and real time GPS coordinates of your Mobile. To view where the GPS coordinates are on a map, you simply click on the GPS coordinates and you will be directed to Maps, where the coordinates will appear on the map giving you an exact location. GPS tracking software is a fantastic way to Locate People, Locate From Website, Group Locating, etc.

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Kill Your Boredom With IPhone !!

With time the technology has got better which has led to the improvement of the quality and standard of games that cannot be developed. Games still remain at the center of the entertainment zone for people of all ages. There is something about them that attracts people irrespective of everything. This very engaging feature is taken further a step by the iPhone Games Development with its incomparable features and the mobility. iPhone gives the freedom to start the fun right where you are at just about any time of the day.

With every update and the improved version the iPhone is becoming a better platform to play games. The latest version of iPhone 4 has brought plenty of new features like the Retina Display, Multitasking, HD quality, improved sound quality and much more that gives iPhone Games Development a better chance to create more engaging and engrossing games for the users. iPhone Games Development/ iPhone Games Programming is one of those options that can equip your iPhone with amazing games that will rekindle your spirit every time you get down to play them.

It’s not more about very static and uninteresting games like it was before. Now its possible to develop multiplayer games based on strategies, games that can be played across platforms like puzzles, quizzes, war games, racing games, block games, numbers games and a lot of such games are available.

Because of this very reason the market for iPhone Games Development has increased a lot in the last couple of years.Developing a game now is not that big a deal as it was sometime back. You just need to know some simple basics and then you can start earning online. If you are unaware of Game development application just call A-1 Technology , as our experts will help you in developing your Game application .

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Reach Your Destination Safely

Miller Lite wants consumers to taste greatness – and get home safely. To help them do just that, the brand launched a free iPhone app. The Miller Lite Taxi Finder iPhone app uses GPS coordinates to locate a user’s position on a map, then shows them the nearest taxi company. With a simple click, they can call and order a taxi cab to pick them up and also easily specify a new city or state for their taxi search. Other features include a quoting form to request quotes from companies, a “cab hailer” that flashes a close-up of a pint of beer to help draw attention from the street, and the capability to be instantly connected to the 1-800-TAXICAB taxi hotline, which connects millions of people to taxis in communities all across the nation.

The brand teamed up with long-time partner 1-800-TAXICAB, a national taxi dispatch service that automatically connects callers with a local-area taxi company, to create the app.In addition, there’s the “cab hailer” feature that flashes to help draw attention from the street, and a shortcut for calling 1-800-TAXICAB

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S- Recovery For iPhone, iPad

When sexual behavior causes negative consequences, But the person still has trouble stopping the behavior, sex (or pornography) addiction might be the reason. Now there is an iPhone application that can help with recovery too.

S-Recovery helps you recover from sex addiction or porn addiction. It is a tool for your mobile device that helps you organize your recovery and learn more about yourself. Using S-Recovery, you can complete a recovery plan, track important feelings, activities, and experiences, as well as remind yourself why you are in recovery and what you might lose if you give up recovery.

S-Recovery is designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. Because it’s on your mobile device, it’s easy to access–so you can easily enter your information even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.

S-Recovery provides features that include:

Healthy activity log, mood log, graph to show the connection between emotions and desire to “act out”, recovery plan, reminders of recovery motivations, a contact list with a direct exit from the program to email and phone functions enabling easy and quick contact with recovery support people, and more.

S-Recovery has a password protection feature to help ensure confidentiality of information.

The following are some of the great features available in the app:

News: Access the latest news from leading organizations and professionals that are addressing porn and sex addiction.

Videos: Browse a robust library of video clips related to porn and sex addiction.

Podcasts: Listen to the latest podcasts from organizations and professionals speaking on porn and sex addiction.

If you feel that you may be a porn or sex addict. Welcome to the first iPhone app for porn and sex addiction. This app is not only for individuals struggling with the addiction themselves, but also for friends or family members that may know a porn or sex addict.

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