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Lock Your Child With Game Limit Time

“It’s a nice idea that allows parents to share their device without losing control of it.”

Essential parenting tool * It’s wise to monitor and limit the time your child spends playing games or watching video on the iDevice. Game Time Limit for Parents is for anyone who owns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that is also used by their children.

Description :

Today iPhone and iPad are a part of Educational device and on the other hand a part of an Entertainment for the childrens. Sometime it’s more an entertainment than anything else but there comes a point when we need the phone back. Either the kids have been on too long or they’ve run our battery dangerously low and it’s time to take charge. Game Time Limit was designed for parents who want to limit the amount of time their children are on the iPhone/iPod/iPad.You can do just that using Game Time Limit for Parents.

1. Set the number of minutes your child can play on the iDevice, e.g. you might decide that twenty minutes per day is sufficient.
2. Set a secret Passcode. (You only need to do this once unless you wanna change it.)
3. Start the timer. Now you can let your child have the iDevice.
4. When the timer ends, an alarm appears on the screen, stopping your child from playing anymore. The only way to stop the alarm is for him to handover the iDevice to you. Otherwise, the alarm keeps appearing.
5. Enter your Passcode to stop the alarm.

Game Time Limit for Parents works with all games and applications. With our SmartBlock technology, your child can’t use the device anymore once the timer runs out. Getting your child to stop playing games on your iDevice will never be the same again. No nagging, no last reminders, no threats… just let this app to do its job. Sit back, relax… soon, your child’s probably on his way to bring your iDevice back to you

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