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Iphone has Voice Control app , all of us are very familiar. Being daily intouch with iphone we still are not taking its full advantage. Why??????

We know that our iPhone has Voice Control capabilities . But, we had never explored them until recently and even then it was by an accident. If you hold down the iphone’s home button for about two seconds the Voice Control screen appears. When the screen is displayed you can speak into the microphone and tell your iPhone what you want it to do. A newer iPod Touch also has this capability. Voice Control will make phone calls, dial phone numbers and play music from your iPhone. When you are listening to music you can shuffle tracks, switch albums and playlists. You can even ask the iPhone “What song is this?” and it will tell you.

And here are some of the phrases Apple suggests you use.

To call someone in your contacts – Say “Call” or “Dial” and then the person’s name. If you have different numbers listed for the person say “Home” or “Mobile”.

To dial a number – say “Call” or “Dial” and then say the phone number.

To control your music playback – Say “Play music”. To pause music say “Pause” and to change tracks say “Next song” or “Previous Song”. You can shuffle the music by saying “Shuffle music”.

To play a specific album, artist or playlist – Say “Play” and then the name of the album, artist or playlist.

If a song comes up and you don’t know it you can find out what it is – Say “What song is this?” or “Who sings this song?” Voice Control will tell you.

To hear the time – ask ‘What time is it?”

And when you’re sick of Voice Control and ready to get back to tapping buttons – say “Stop” or “Cancel”.

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