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S- Recovery For iPhone, iPad

When sexual behavior causes negative consequences, But the person still has trouble stopping the behavior, sex (or pornography) addiction might be the reason. Now there is an iPhone application that can help with recovery too.

S-Recovery helps you recover from sex addiction or porn addiction. It is a tool for your mobile device that helps you organize your recovery and learn more about yourself. Using S-Recovery, you can complete a recovery plan, track important feelings, activities, and experiences, as well as remind yourself why you are in recovery and what you might lose if you give up recovery.

S-Recovery is designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. Because it’s on your mobile device, it’s easy to access–so you can easily enter your information even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.

S-Recovery provides features that include:

Healthy activity log, mood log, graph to show the connection between emotions and desire to “act out”, recovery plan, reminders of recovery motivations, a contact list with a direct exit from the program to email and phone functions enabling easy and quick contact with recovery support people, and more.

S-Recovery has a password protection feature to help ensure confidentiality of information.

The following are some of the great features available in the app:

News: Access the latest news from leading organizations and professionals that are addressing porn and sex addiction.

Videos: Browse a robust library of video clips related to porn and sex addiction.

Podcasts: Listen to the latest podcasts from organizations and professionals speaking on porn and sex addiction.

If you feel that you may be a porn or sex addict. Welcome to the first iPhone app for porn and sex addiction. This app is not only for individuals struggling with the addiction themselves, but also for friends or family members that may know a porn or sex addict.

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