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Your uniqueness becomes your signature !

While Caller ID is sufficient to tell you who’s calling, we like to associate pictures with our contacts .Enter My Face, an app by Paragon Services, that allows you to download pictures for your contacts that were personally chosen by those contacts.


After you enter your info and load your own picture, your work is done. And the process doesn’t take long at all; when you open the app, go into Settings and enter your phone number, initials, country and carrier. Tap “Choose My Picture” to either take a pic of yourself or select one from your photo album, then back on the main menu, tap “Upload My Picture.” To ensure no one else uploads a photo assigned to your number, My Face will send you a text with a link you must tap to confirm. After that, your picture is up and you’re done.
Another plus: You’re in control of what picture is assigned to your contact information in other people’s phone books.


1. Loads from and saves to your device.
2. Three different aged masks to choose from.
3. The ability to resize and position the mask.
4. Set the opacity of the mask to add/subtract years.
5. Personal virtual make-up artist in the palm of your hand.
6. Save you time and money by helping you find the products you need for the look you want.
7 Customized recommendations based on your unique skin color, tone, and type.
8 Match the right look for the right occasion from first date to bridal parties, from finding
employment to holidays; myface is there for you to look your absolute best at all times.
9 Locate the products you want anytime anywhere with GPS.
10. You can add years to a photo! Just simply import an image from your iPhone and place
a mask over it to create a new image.

Go ahead and give it a try!

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