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Food Translator iphone app is your fast and easy translator for food and beverage terminology. This app has been specially developed for people who want to know what they’re eating while in a foreign country. This multilingual beauty offers you 7 languages and more than 87,500 translated terms.


With seven languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Greek) a tap of the figure away, the translations available are exhaustive.This bread-and-butter food-translation app is useful for those traveling countries where the seven European languages are prevalent. But Food Translator can serve more than those jetsetters and backpackers traveling abroad, as the developer states on it’s iTunes App Store page. It’s of practical use in areas of the United States where some restaurants (mostly Mexican) don’t have English-language menus.

The breadth of the information is impressive. For each of the seven languages accessible, there are 12,5000 terms in over 40 categories. The categories don’t stop at appetizers, proteins, desserts and beverages, either. Food Translator goes the extra mile, including categories for cuts of meat (beef, lamb, pork and veal), spices (e.g., clavél/clove) and terms for style of preparation (a la parrilla/grilled).While there are mistakes in Food Translator, the app overall is a tool that will lead to much joyous dining. The entries would also benefit greatly from images. Pictures would allow the user a fuller experience akin to the experience of eating — that is, multisensor.

Food Translator iphone app doesn’t need an internet connection to work for you. So, go ahead and use it from a remote roadside inn in Germany or that ancient pub high in the mountains of Spain. Use it anytime, anywhere, from your iPhone, iPod Touch for iPad.

All of the term items are grouped in categories, so you can just type in a word, search one category or all of them simultaneously. That means what when that foreign speaking waiter is standing there in front of you, you can translate what you want into a language that he can understand. No more mystery meals, you’ll always know what you’re ordering and eating.

The fantastic features you get in Food Translator iphone app:-

* Easy-to-use interface
* Translates more than 87,500 food and beverage terms for 7 languages
* Contains more than 12,500 terms per language
* Terms are grouped into categories
* Easy search function, just type a word and the app displays all entries including that text, just select the one you want
* Search one specific category or all categories simultaneously
* Save translations and terms to your favorites for easy retrieval
* Needs no internet connection after download
* The perfect, essential travel companion

No more mystery meals! Don’t leave home without Food Translator iphone app .

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