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The new app in iphone store known as Experts and Consultants is invented. The App provides Users worldwide an Efficient, Effective and Economical way to find and retain the most knowledgeable Experts and Consultants for litigation, business consultations, new business development, research projects, breaking news and other projects.

DESCRIPTION: The App lets you:

BROWSE by Category of Expertise the qualifications and contact information of the Experts listed in each Category.

FIND the right Expert by searching Keywords, Name, Company, Address, State, or Country.

MANAGE Referrals \ Requests For Experts using the SynapsUs Management System. You can (1) track each Request For Experts separately, (2) review the Experts matched to that Request, (3) view the contact information for the User initiating the Request For Expert, (4) communicate back and forth with one or multiple Experts, and (5) log each communication.

PERSONAL search assistance. Fill out the Request For Experts Form or Request For Information, or simply email us or call us, and our staff will Complete the search for you.

APPLY for Membership. If you are not already a Registered Member, you can begin the process by submitting a Membership Application.

REGISTER as a User. The User Account will be established once the User Application is submitted.

ACCESS other features such as Experts.com’s Twitter page, Features page, Resources page, Recent Requests For Experts, Help section, etc.

BUG FIXES: This app allows to fix bugs.

Enjoy your iphone with suggestions from Experts and Consultants.

Contact Us for iPhone Application Development.

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