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GOLF SHOT FIXES was created for you, the everyday golfer, to fix what ails you right on the course. This app is very usefull for beginners and players as it teaches about faults and tells how to fix them. There are many faults which this app tells about such as slice, power leaks,shank, short game, putting, fat,hook, thin, topped.

This app tells about the faults as what is it and what causes it, for eg. in slice faults it tells what is slice fault and what are the reasons causing them like weak left hand grip, grip pressure too tight, poor ball position, extreme out-to-in path, steering club through ball. It also has mitchell’s bonus tip with slow motion videos. The videos are great! They are short and right to the point of correcting the problems. It brings you Mitchell Spearman’s expert quick fix guide. Well known for his amazing eye and ability to fix golfers fast, it provides immediate analysis and cures for some of the game’s most troubling mis-hits, including the slice, hook, shanks, tops, chunked pitch and many more. Ease of seeing the next fault and fix with just a couple of touches.The ability to pause each video to freeze certain positions in the swing .In short this app is amazing for golfers.


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