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The Most Popular Lifestyle iPhone App -Tap A Tattoo

Tap A Tattoo is an easy to use app to view and rate celebs with tattoos, upload tattoos to get them rated, get trial tattoos, and to locate and view the ratings and reviews and directions of tattoo parlors and artists worldwide. Looking to have fun with tattoos and gain some great ink info? Well, there’s an iPhone app for that – it’s called Tap A Tattoo! This exciting smartphone app for the iPhone is designed especially for lovers of tattoos and body art and ink.


Tap A Tattoo is a dynamic and interactive app that lets users upload and rate tattoos, take virtual tattoos from its database and photograph them on selected body parts, and view the trial tats. Users can send the trial tats or even recent real body ink to friends for feedback. Tap A Tattoo provides a comprehensive listing of over 10,000 tattoo parlors and artists throughout the world. This directory supports ratings and comments, and offers mapping with exact directions to the desired ink spot.Tap A Tattoo is also location-aware, so Tap A Tattoousers can always find the nearest parlors or artists, or use the fast search feature at the tap of a finger.Tap A Tattoo is a new and exciting social networking app designed for and by the Tattoo Community. This app allows users to Upload, View, Rate, Share and create comment threads based off of user based submissions, of Tattoos, Art, News and The Tattoo World. ” What better way to show off that new ink?”

Also Tap A Tattoo can be an invaluable tool for Artists and Shop Owners as a way of advertising and promotion.

Some features include:

Top 25

Uses a 5-star rating system, which is a more complex and complete rating scheme, as opposed to the thumbs up or down method commonly seen today.

For Collectors you can crack our Top 25, proving to the world your Tattoos are as cool as you.

For the Artist it can be an invaluable tool for advertising and promoting your works of Art. 


Scrollable comments make it easy to keep track of not only your comments and those of your friends, but also of any comments made on your posted Tattoos.

My Tattoo

Keeps track of your posts for easy and manageable recall, and allows for easy viewing of updated comments as they are posted.


It comes with the iPhone, thank the good people at Apple for that one. You can snap a shot with your iPhone and post instantly.

Web Based Users Forum for technical support and user discussion. As well as polls and much more.

Tap A Tattoo is the coolest ink app on the planet. If you’re a true tattoo fan or just a little ink curious, you definitely should tap into this fun and engaging app – TatTap!

Tap A Tattoo has already become extremely popular, and is already among the most popular lifestyle apps.

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