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Translates Your Text Messages Into Any Language Using Global AQ.

Global AQ ,a new application is discovered by the iphone experts by which you can translate your text in any native language. You can receive any SMS from selected mobile operators to your global AQ (+882347xx xx xx) number as well .


Global AQ translates your Text messages into any language using your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. You can text your business associates and friends with no charges from your phone carrier around the world using native language without having to worry about translation.

Global AQ text Interpreter is an easy to use app with everything displayed on one simple form.

1. Select the destination country of the recipient.

2. Next, enter the recipient’s number. You don’t need to enter the country prefix. We take care of it for you. You can even select the number from your address book.

3. Next write the message in your native language. While we don’t have any restriction on the text length, please try to be brief as some of the old mobile phones can only display up to 160 characters.

4. Now select the language from the drop down to which you want the message to be converted.

5. Finally, hit the translate button to get the text translated and send the message.

6. As an added feature, you can even swap the languages simply by clicking the <> button next to the drop downs.

Global AQ version have the following new features:

1- Support for iOS 4 (background support)

2-Brand new icon (will be announced early July)

3.-Support for routing of incoming voice calls. If someone calls your Global.AQ number, you decide where the call should go.You can route it to your iPhone’s number for example. To set this up enter your number in international format in Account Information settings.

The application comes with 500 free SMS credits included.

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