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Iphone -MoviePeg

Here is a product that’s simple, functional and very versitile. The MoviePeg is a portable stand for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. I tried out the stand for my iPad and the MoviePeg came as two small pieces that stack together when not in use. That’s it. No complicated unfolding or assembling required. To use the Movie Peg I separated the two pieces and fit my iPad into their slots. Now all I needed to do was lean the iPad back against the stands. It was held securely by the MoviePeg pieces and was propped up at an excellent angle. One of the great things about this product is that I can change the angle the iPad rests at just by moving the MoviePeg pieces up and down on my iPad. It works whether I want to stand my iPad up horizontally or vertically. When I’m all done I slide the pieces off, stack them together and there you have it.

The MoviePeg for the iPhone is made of only one piece but the concept is the same. Slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the slot and the MoviePeg keeps it propped up. Again, where you place the MoviePeg on the device will determine the angle it rests at. The current MoviePeg is designed for an iPhone 3G/3GS but an iPhone 4 version will be available soon.

I truly like both the simplicity and ingenuity of the MoviePeg. It’s great to have a stand that doesn’t take up much room and can easily be packed in a bag or purse. I’ve been using it for reading books . Overall my favorite thing about MoviePeg is the way you can adjust the angle your iPad sits at. The versatility is terrific!

Price when Reviewed: $7.99 (iPhone Stand) or $19.99 (iPad)

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