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“Tracking ” an iPhone App for LIVE Tracking

Gone are the days of expensive GPS tracking devices you can easily track your loved ones,friends,co-workers and etc by installing an app on their iPhone versus having to install a piece of hardware somewhere on their car.We all carry our phones wherever we go, so having a way to track your mate iPhone, is by far the best way (both in terms of cost and ease of use). Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive GPS tracking hardware. In addition, with tracking apps, there are no monthly fees, and the software is installed directly on the iPhone.

How iphone Tracking application works?

The application is totally based on the google maps. It asks you to choose a person with whom you want to connect yourself from your contacts in your iphone. Tracking Apps You will be asked to make a connection request with your contact whom you want to connect. After sending the request the member at the other side has to approve the request. Once it is approved, a connection is made between the two phones and both the phones will be displayed on the other’s tracker screen. Similarly, user completes connection requests between all his iphone contacts. Then after hitting the location screen, it would display all your added friends in your contact list with their current locations on the google map. After that you can know more specifically about their locations by using the zooming feature of the google maps.

Here are some features you will find in the application:

Social Networker:

This app is the perfect way to stay connected to friends, family and co-workers. Live TRACKING lets you know where your friends, family and co-workers are in real-time with one simple push of a button.With the help of this iPhone Tracking app you can keep yourself connected with society.

Exact Location details:

Ever wish you could see where your friends, co-workers or loved ones are right now? Ever wish you could organize an on-line meeting place? Ever find yourself in the same mall, or stadium, or school, but can’t find a friend, child or co-worker you want to know are they there? Ever think that there must be some way to find out them.Yes, now iPhone Tracking app helps you in taking out from these kind of situations.

Bug Fixes: Now, iPhone Tracking app helps in fixing bugs.

Ever thought about staying connected with your friends in real-time? Being able to locate where your your co-workers are? Or finding out where your family members are travelling? Yes, by just giving a touch to your iphone you would be able to find out where your friends and family are. Now you can get to know about all the details of their location on your iphone, the Live Tracking application does the solution in real-time. Just have this feature rich application installed and it will display all your connections with their locations on your iphone. And similarly all your friends will be seeing you who are connected with you on this application.

Enjoy your Live Tracking with iPhone Tracking Application

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