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GPS at iPhone

The iPhone is surely a boon to the world of modern technology.One of the most innovative features on the iPhone is inbuilt GPS capabilities. This allows your phone to pinpoint your exact position on earth by analyzing the positions of satellites in space. Although hundreds of Apps are there in the market have begun to implement varying degrees of GPS functionality, Few are as follows:-

iPhone Google Maps:- This Application is already installed in iPhone .Cell tower triangulation can only pin-point your position within a radius of a few blocks. The GPS feature can show you almost exactly where you are. If you combine this feature with the turn-by-turn directions that Google Maps can provide you, you have a very good navigational system.

Where to Eat:- Where to Eat is a fun little program that can give restaurant recommendations in your immediate vicinity by checking your location via GPS. This is especially useful if you travel a lot and aren’t familiar with the restaurants in the area.

Dedicated GPS Navigators:- The only problem with the free Google Maps program is that it doesn’t automatically update each turn in sequence, and it doesn’t provide audio updates. This limits its use as a full-fledged GPS navigation system. It is great when you are walking around town or have a passenger in your car to help you, but if you are driving alone you need a more powerful solution. There are a few companies which have released such a solution, including: TomTom, AT&T, Navigon, and MotionX GPS Drive, GPS Tracker.

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