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Today iPhone is Best Consumer Technology.

What do you think is the best consumer technology to emerge in the past decade?

Going through many blogs and doing grand research on mobile market. I found iphone a best from all the hand held devices due to its incredible iphone. There’s a lot to choose from, that’s for sure. LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, digital video cameras, social networking (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), e-book readers like the Kindle, sensor video gaming, 3-D for movies that really works – the lists goes on and on. But like David Einstein my vote also goes to the iPhone.

Like the Internet, the iPhone Programming changed everything. People had been talking about smart phones since the late 1990s, gushing over all the things you might be able to do with them. But it took Apple to come up with the device that made good on the promise. The iPhone set the bar for smart phones with its slim profile, big touch-screen and easy-to-use features.

Not only did the iPhone jump-start the market for smart phones – fundamentally changing the way people communicate – it created a market for small applications that run on smart phones. Today, there are about as many downloads of apps for the iPhone programming as there are people in the United States – more than 300 million. Finally, the iPhone set the stage for the iPad, another top breakthrough. I suspect that the personal computer of the future will be a hybrid of smart phones and iPad-like tablets. Of all the cool products Apple had introduced in its 30 years, the iPhone was the coolest, and people stood in line for hours to get their hands on one.

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