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Can Crusher-Be the change you want to see in your community.

CAN CRUSHER is billed as an educational game that encourages recycling, but it falls short both in education and as a game. The game consists of crushing soda cans by tapping on them and avoiding the full cans. However, without any way of telling which cans are full, the player must resort to random tapping. Also, the cans reset very quickly so the different “levels” and patterns of cans don’t really change the game at all.

App Details

-Phone: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Category: Education.
-Price: $1.99, Version: 1.2, Size: 12.3 MB.
-Minimum software requirements: iOS 3.0 or later.

Description:- While playing a new iphone feature i.e Can Crusher, we want you to have a good time while teaching you how much money you have made if you actually crushed and recycled those cans in real life. It is our commitment to make a positive difference in the world by educating people about recycling and helping to keep our environment green one can at a time. There are two pieces to the educational portion. First, after each round of play, the app shows how much money the crushed cans would be worth in real life. Secondly, On the info screen there is a large section on recycling facts. However, it’s simply a list to read, without being tied to the game. This new iPhone application Can crusher guides us how important recycling is.


*Device Compatibility with all iPhone and iPad Version.
*Parents need to know that Can Crusher is designed to be an educational game with a message about recycling. The app includes an in-app browser with a list of links to green information and recycling sites, some of which require logins or other personal information.
*The browser can be used to visit any website.

“Enjoy the new iPhone Application – Can Crusher and side by side educate your child also.”

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