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Has the iPhone changed the world?

The iPhone brought innovations that have infected the rest of the tech world. The iPhone has given us alot since the first version was released.

iPhone Programmers and Developers had turned the cell phone into a computing platform. Suddenly, cell phones could do just about anything, even if that usually equates to playing games. As Apple advertised, if you can find a task, there’s likely “an app for that.”Suddenly, people used their phones as GPS devices in their cars. They browsed the Web on them. They tweeted, blogged, and “Facebooked.” They listened to music,played games, watched movies, and viewed photographs.It’s all because of Apple and, perhaps more importantly, the open source spirit of sharing.

The Cell Phone as More Than a Phone because of following features:-

The App Store is little more than a rebranding exercise. But it’s been perfectly implemented, and only Apple could have pulled it off. The iPhone App Store did a clever thing: iPhone Software Programming is cool. Somehow Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field was strong enough to make us believe that a new utopia had been created. Nobody wants to install boring shareware, but now everybody wants to install apps. And let’s be honest–shareware and apps are the same old thing.

Touchscreens that Works is the other iphone feature.Ever keen to eradicate unnecessary buttons and keys, Apple used a capacitive screen for the iPhone, whereby the screen is covered in a conductive material. Finger pressure doesn’t matter, and styluses don’t work on capacitive screens because they rely on the fact human that skin is conductive.Thus, Apple proved it was possible to articulately operate a cell phone using your fingertips. They even introduced gestures, such as pinching your fingers together to zoom into or out of photographs.

The cherry on the cake is that jailbreaking is legal.The iPhone could be used with just about any provider in any country, and it became possible to install apps on the phone without going through the App Store.The resulting practice became known as jailbreaking, and every subsequent iPhone, iPad, and iOS release has been given the same treatment. At one point jailbreaking became as simple as visiting a Website with your iPhone and clicking a link.

Webkit is the open source technology underlying the Safari Web browser. It came from the KDE desktop used in Linux, although Apple did a lot of adaptation work.Webkit was first used in Mac OS X, but it’s on the iPhone it really proved its mettle. We forget that before the iPhone App Development, Web browsing on cell phones was dreadful. No real attempt was made to render pages as the designers intended them to appear. Instead, phone browsers usually tried to adapt them.

“There’s no denying that where Apple treads first, the rest of the world follows.”

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