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Apple launching Third Generation “iPad” soon

Apple recently unveiled its third generation of extensively successful and popular multitouch tablet. Giving the new iPad a new name like iPad 3 or iPad HD, Apple is supposed to call the new iPad as just “iPad” or third generation iPad. The new iPad is the super successor of the globally successful iPad 2.

The new tablet will support some exclusive features like Retina Display, superior camera, fast A5X processor, high speed mobile broadband technology LTE and voice dictation support.

What’s new in the third generation iPad:

1. Retina Display: New iPad measures same 9.7 inches as the previous iPad 1 and 2. The difference is in the number of pixels contained by its screen. The new iPad may support whopping 2048 by 1536 pixels, i.e. 264 pixels per inch for a total of about 3.1 million pixels. According to iPad app developers it the most ever number of pixels supported by any mobile device. It describes the screen with pixel density so high such that if viewing from a distance, the average human eye cannot distinguish between the pixels.

2. High speed A5X and quad core graphics processor: The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 both flaunt the Apple’s custom designed A5 system on a chip. Now, the new iPad is empowered with new A5X processor. It holds the capacity to perform four times better than Tegra 3 processor that powers the competitive Android tablets. All thanks goes to quad core graphics processor.

3. Improved Camera: The new iPad will now support 5 megapixel camera lenses, IR filter, in plane switching built into iPad’s new chip. iSight camera has automatic exposure, auto focus and now records HD at 1080p resolution. Similar to iPhone 4S camera, the new iPad supports automatic face detection, automatic exposure lock and automatic focus lock. With A5X chip, you will also get image stabilization.

4. Voice dictation with Siri: The new is a microphone button on the birtual keyboard of the tablet. It is same as the corresponding icon on the iPhone $S’s keyboard. It is the short of full Siri integration.

5. 4G LTE support: iPad will support HSPA+ with a maximum downlink of 21 Mbps, dual carrier HSDPA with a maximum of 42 Mbps along with LTE with a maximum of 73 Mbps download. The new iPad will come in both Wi-Fi only and in mobile broadband equipped models.

What about the iPad 2?

Apple announced that it will continue to sell ipAD 2 IN 16 GB model for $399 with a Wi-Fi + 3G at $529.The new iPad is supposed to open new horizons for the iPad application developers as with the new features it would be easier for the developers to create more useful and entertaining applications.

Enjoy life with iPad!!!

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