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iPhone Business Applications give all round benefits !!

We all know that Iphone app development is raving hot to developers, enterprises and small businesses, to summarize we can say that to all revenue seekers. This taboo around iPhone application development needs no justification, it is unmissable. Here is a dig to the effect: the market value for mobile application development services including application building, management distribution and extension services has almost crossed $ US20.5 billion Vs. $4.6 billion in application download in 2011.

A major share of these downloads are iPhone applications, boosting the new heights in iPhone app development. Moreover, Iphone application market saw a rise of up to 83% from November 2010 to November 2011. The current year 2012 is predicted to be the smashing year for the iphone app developers and users. If you have followed the iPhone-app curve, you would also have come up with this intriguing bit. Interestingly, iPhone business apps account for almost two thirds of app sales.

If iphone applications are considered big than ibusiness applications are mammoth. There is no outside competition to this dominance as with every thirds business app download is an iphone app.

iPhone Business apps for better sense of your business

There is something extremely unique about the iPhone app development that has given iPhone business apps a league of its own. Applications aimed at business users, continue cramming of features and functionalities designed for PC onto a mobile phone. Many business application developers usually misunderstand the mobile user experience by thinking like “Shrink to fit” versions of solutions designed for Desktops. Rather they must understand that mobile experience is not all about accessing gigabytes of data, it’s only about retrieving information you need whenever you need it.

According to Microsoft Tag, more than 50 % of local searches are done on Smartphones. It is also claimed that 11% of Americans owned a tablet till August 2011 and iPad users has downloaded more than 3 billion apps since 2010. It took almost 2 years for apple iPhone for accomplishing that same achievement. Apart from having mobile friendly websites and web applications, business owners will be continuing to derive all round benefits from iPhone application development in 2012.

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