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TestFlight: Helpful development in iOS app testing

If you are an iPhone or ipad application developer, you are probably well known with the tedious procedure Apple follows for the developers for testing new versions of their applications. To overcome this constraint, TestFlight is a new service launched, which is sigh of relief for otherwise iOS beta testing.

Generally, a developer for beta test a new version of an iPhone application before submission for approval follow the procedure like this: First, you need to track down your Unique Identity code for your device and send it to the developer. Next, developer adds it to the pool of testers in Apple Developer Center.

The iPhone software developers then send you a testing copy of the application through an email along with a provision file which is a sort of a temporary license for the application. Both of which are required to drag into iTunes before syncing your device.

Thanks to iOS 4, TestFlight that can assuage most of pain of iOS beta testing of applications. The service influences some of the wireless application installation features that Apple added in iOS 4, which were designed mainly for in house enterprise applications. TestFlight acts as a bridge between the developer, the tester and Apple development center.

Benefits of TestFlight:

With, TestFlight, iPhone apps developers do not have to distribute files manually. Further, the users don’t have to deal with iTunes penchant for choking on ad hoc installations. In TestFlight, developers only need to upload their app to their TestFlight account for testing. On the other hand, users get a web based dashboard where list of applications is displayed. Users can test from each developer they have signed up to help.

Best part of TestFlight:

It is especially for end users, it would take only one tap in your test flight dashboard to install an application wirelessly. Still, you need to send your UDID to the first developer whose apps you are going to test. Later, once you send the UDID dance for one developer, you can get invitations from other developers to join their test circle with a simple TestFlight mail.

TestFlight is still under beta badge. Any interested developer can sign up for TestFlight service for free by company. Following simple instructions will help developers getting started with the amazing TestFlight service. The enthusiastic testers need to have iOS 4 installed on their iPhone, iPOD or iPAD to take benefit of more simpler and smooth system for helping developers.

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