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Apple enjoying big sales with 365 million devices sold

Apple is in mood to party with brilliant numbers showcasing its sales in the second fiscal quarter earnings report. The total figure is formed by the collective sale of iPhone, iPad, iPod (all iOS devices) since the launch of first iPhone. There were more than 50 million device sale in the March quarter. This stated that iOS ecosystem is expanding drastically with 120 across the globe currently.

iPhone is undoubtedly is the superior mobile gadget in the telecom industry. Users have just gone haywire over this device in last few years. From manufacturers to developers and retailers to users everyone is happy with profits made by the device. It would not feel like exaggerating if iPhone will be called as revolution in the communication industry. It is because it has changed the meaning of mobile experience and features. It has successfully transformed a traditional small console screen phone into hi- tech touch screen phone with spectacular graphics.

When it was launched, it is certain that its manufacturers were also unaware of its hidden potential to smash the mobile market. iPhone app developers has also never expected about the booming success of iPhone applications. Each time Apple launch its successor of iPhone iOS device, it sweeps the users expectation by feeling of wonder. This is because people never imagined that a mobile device would become so integral part of their daily life and will perform their tasks so efficiently. iPhone developers deserves a round of applause for giving the incredible status to iPhone, enjoyed by it today.

With iPad also, Apple wrote a memorable page in the history of tablets. Apple in their report mentioned that iPad development is slowly getting momentum. Many organizations and individuals are deploying this tablet for their official and personal tasks. Apple recently launched its latest iPad which got good response from the market. iPad app developers are also enjoying the increasing craze of application in its users. The new idea that is flowing in the iphone app development market is to develop app which can conveniently run on iphone and IPad both.

Everyone is very much familiar with small jukebox offered by Apple to listen your favorite music. This small device has its own users and fans. It is one of the best and most selling music players in its genre. It has very consistent performance over the years and big contribution in success of iOS devices.

So, in the end we can say that Apple is enjoying its best phase in business with dominance in mobile technology. To be on top, Apple Inc. needs to be more attentive and innovative towards users surging demands and needs. Also, it is challenge for all iPhone developers, iPad developers, iOS app developers to continue delivering the best to its users.

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