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How to select iPhone apps developer?

The iPhone applications are very happening these days. iPhone users have no reason make a switch to any other smartphone from their iPhones. The need and craze for iPhone applications is on peak these days. There is millions of apps download everyday all across the world. All businesses and developers who invested in iPhone apps development are enjoying great revenue and web presence. Their ROI and consumership has increased significantly.

So, in case if you are planning to have an iPhone app for your business you must do necessary research for hiring reliable iPhone apps developers. Don’t be in any haste while finalizing the needed developer. Here are some useful tips which can help you in finding the best developer:

1. Checkout the experience: First thing to look for is the valid experience. Experience plays a great role in development of quality apps. Non- experienced developers will be only waste of time and money.

2. Genuine background: You will get some people who can show you with fake working experience and convince you to hire them at low cost and quick delivery. Don’t get tempted with low cost and fast delivery as they will only land you in situation with no way out.

3. Technical expertise: iPhone apps development is a job of technical expertise. Developers must be well versed with all leading development tools and programming languages.

4. Time Frame: Another thing to keep in mind before deciding the developer is that they must deliver you the assignment within the time frame decided. Otherwise the over all cost of the project will exceed with delay in on time delivery.

5. Feedback and Testimonials: It is not good to fully rely over on site testimonials given on the website. It would be best to have a word with their presented clients over their working experience with them.

If you consider all these things, it is certain that you will certainly find best iPhone apps programmer to provide you with excellent application.


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Event message App Review

Are you tired of remembering the important dates and events? No more worries because Event Message is here.

event_message_app event_message_app

This app is highly functional and available for free. So, what’s wrong in giving it a try. This app will allow you to create a message and set the time and date beforehand. So, according to day and time selected by you, your message will be delivered on the same. This app also allows you to stay connected with your friends and family as you can save a message that is to be delivered everyday and at same time. Like, you can wish your near and dear Good Morning! everyday just by making some settings and selecting the number or e-mail of your friends and family.

This app will never let you feel regretful or embarrassed for not wishing your family and friends on special occasions. At corporate this app will let you make announcements and set meetings in a very easy manner. With just few taps you can organize you whole year’s events and occasions. This app is a sigh of relief for all those who are lazy enough to wish people on birthdays, anniversaries and festivals.

So, don’t be goofy and pass this one up in the iPhone app store other it’s your loss!


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Foreclosed Homes App Review : Helps search your dream home

If you are looking for your dream home but don’t want to waste your time and efforts in visiting real estate agents. Look no further, Foreclosed Homes is here to find your dream castle!

This application is highly useful and free so what can be better than this? However, with this application you are just a few slides away from your home. Simply download this free app and follow the instructions at the home screen. It will assist you through an exclusive search based on specific city or state. You just have to type the city or state in which you want to find the home and click on search. You can make more precise search by specifying the zip code, your price range, beds and baths.

foreclosed homes app foreclosed app

After you enter the search, it will show you list of homes available on the map along with their price tags. To proceed further, tap on the option whose location and price suits you. After tapping your choice, you will be shown the picture of the house and its complete address. You can save that home and also subscribe its more photographs by just giving your email id and phone number. The process is pretty straightforward.

Other features of this elite app are that it will also fetch you the list of near by homes by obtaining your current location. How interesting it sounds as you don’t have to walk around for looking homes in your vicinity. You can also directly look for the lender or realtor and contact them for interested properties.

Overall, it is a time and effort saving application which will be at your assistance 24 by 7. So, for an easy and comfortable search for your dream home download this app now.


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iPhone Apps Development strategy to reach App Store top 25

It is dream of every iPhone apps developer to see his application shinning in the top 25 in iPhone app store. Though, reaching Top 25 is not that difficult surviving there for long is far more tedious. As, thousands of applications are submitted in the app store daily out which some have great potential and features to beat you and grab your position.

However, initially the task is to reach that Top 25 spot. According to recent study, it is revealed that a free application require 1.3 times higher volume downloads than a popular paid application. But the volume required may differ according to category of an iPhone application development.

This revelation is very instrumental in formulating the plan for your application development and its marketing. Now, if your foremost aim is to achieve maximum installations through advertising then getting ranks should not be your concern. It is because of your ROI. To be more precise, let’s say there are two plans A and B that can be followed to reach Top 25 of iPhone app store.

Plan A entails an expenditure of $50,000 and utmost attention to advertisement with focus on higher conversion volume. For instance, it is estimated that this plan drives you with 100,000 installations at the CPI$.50. Talking about Plan B, you spent the same amount $50,000 with a focus on higher quality and low volume installations. This plan drives you with only 25,000 installations at the CPI $2. Out of both plans, Plan A seems to be more luring with fascinating number of installations at a very low CPI where as Plan B is less appealing because of higher CPI and low installations. This result of Plan A as better option may feel appropriate for short span of time.

For sustainable future, means to go long with the users Plan B has the potential. Moreover, if we count on the organic value to survive in the iPhone app store Plan A fails drastically. It is because under Plan A may get you registration rate of 5% with each registration having avg lifetime of $7 where as with Plan B there is leass downloads but might get you registration rate of 30%. This proves that Plan A will have less interested and low quality target audiences which may or may not use your iPhone app more than once. On the other hand in case of Plan B, you may get less downloads but have consistent users who may refer your app to others also giving reliable customer ship. Such users will not only use your apps for long but will also contribute in increasing your visibility in the app store with their genuine and rewarding feedback.

Thus, it is clear that there is no magic wand for reaching Top 25. iPhone application development is serious business with huge amount of investment. The key behind the success of the apps is targeting quality users rather than quantity.


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iPhone Multiplayer Game Development making big money !

Gaming applications are always in rage among mobile users. iPhone with its inception few years back gave a new dimension and status to mobile gaming applications. The maximum credit of exclusive popularity of iPhone goes to gaming applications only. It was iPhone only which introduced the concept of wireless gaming. People just went haywire with this fact and today game application is multi-billion dollar industry.

Though, game applications were into existence before iPhone also but they were restricted to Desktop and personal computers only. Apple’s iPhone brought whole new and thrilling gaming experience for game lovers. There is plethora of game applications available in iPhone app store under games niche. iPhone games apps development is an established business with many successful stories. Games are loved by people of age groups. It is considered as the best field for a fresher iPhone app developer. It is because gaming applications always have higher chances of getting visibility than application developed under other categories.

The reason behind the unparallel success of such applications is that game lovers are always in search for new and unique game which can hold their fancies. These days, along with single player games, multi player games are also making competitive market. Apple recent jumped in enhancing capability for multi player games which is making users going crazy. Multi player games have gained highly positive response from users and have become a thriving industry. Though, it is not an easy task, it requires sheer efforts of iPhone apps programmers to develop a successful game. The development requires innovative idea, spectacular graphics, bug free coding and incredible user experience other wise all efforts are in vein.

Games are entertainment source for iPhone users but for iPhone apps programmer it is a serious business. In multiplayer games users can play their favorite games in groups among their friends or call other competitive players online. This has also expanded the social networking culture. People meet over a game and become game buddies. Certainly, this field has unexplored potential for developers to give a iPhone games a new direction. Witnessing the outstanding response to multiplayer gaming of iPhone users, Apple’s rival Android is also planning to make debut in this field. It means that slowly multi player gaming is getting hold in mobile market and game lovers on leading platforms has all reasons to cheers.

Our firm A-1 Technology has great experts who works on certain apps like iPhone Game Application Development, Entertainment App, Business Apps, iPad Application Development, iPhone Software Programming and so on.


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