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iPhone check-in services to challenge Facebook check in Servcies

Apple Inc recently announced that it’s the time for Google Maps to exit and now Apple will be having its own mapping service. Moreover, it was unveiled that along with iPhone map application another feature of YELP Inc , Checkin will also be featutred. This feature will help users broadcast their whereabouts to friends etc.

As per iPhone development, Apple Maps will be replacing Google Inc as the default location service which allows users to communicate through Yelp without exiting the map and opening of new application. Yelp is a popular website that provide user’s review for business ranging from plumbers to pet shops, launched check in servcie back in 2010 for its local merchants. Now, merging of Yelp and Apple seem to give tough challenge to Foursquare Inc and Facebook Inc check in service.

The iPhone apps developers are provided with Apple Software development kit includes the screen shots of Yelp checks in withn Apple Maps. Iphone application development of check in service uses the GPS capability in smartphones to let users share their current location and other whereabouts. This utility can also show how many other people are present at the same event or location. It has been a very popular service among Facebook users.

Apple iOS 6 will be built with Apple maps not Google maps which the earlier versions were supporting since 2009.

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Apple reached another 650,000 apps, 30 billion downloads milestone!

In recent developer conference Apple announced their success of achieving another milestone of 650,000 apps in its App Store. It was 500,000 apps till March but in such short span of time, it crossed a big mark with making over 30 billion downloads. The enthusiastic fact was Apple now has 400 million App store users with credit cards attached.

Not the there is steep rise in iPhone applications, even iPad application development saw an encouraging rise from 200,000 apps to 225,000 apps now. It also say that Apple is a war winning platform in all aspects of mobile industry. Ipad has become the preferred choice of businesses or consumers over OC upgrades. It is slowly surpassing the interest for iPhone also. Many iPhone apps developers are happily developing applications for iPad also because they know it is a thing which will stay for long in future.

These rising figures of Apple and iPhone apps developers are minutely analyzed by the Google and Microsoft. Microsoft will be giving special emphasis on each detail because it is preparing hard to launch its Windows 8 and Windows RT this autumn.

So, we can say Apple’s new milestone will be a new target for all other leading mobile platforms including Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows, RIM Blackberry..

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Hiring skilled iPhone SDK development allow creating applications

iPhone applications are the most happening thing for youngsters these days. In last few years, Apple iPhone has grabbed a big chunk of smartphone market in terms of shipment and mobile applications. Iphone applications development is the most preferred profession among IT people. Apple has always been very supportive to its developers community. It has always made noteworthy efforts to empower their developers with best and easy to use technology.

Iphone SDK is a very a helpful and basic development tool which is like a bliss to developers. It gives all iPhone application developers a reliable medium for developing apps based on various categories like business, entertainment, education, health and medicine, sports, games etc. iphone SDK comprise of various libraries which makes the development process an easier and convenient job for developers but it needs sheer knowledge and skills to take its full advantage.

Native applications are best developed using iPhone SDK based on Objective C and Xcode. For getting started with iPhone development, you need to download iPhone SDK 4, the Xcode IDE and iPhone simulator. Later, developer need to register with Apple Developer account. After registering, iPhone apps developers can start developing their desired application and submit to iPhone app store.

Maximum offshore software development companies provide excellent iPhone development services working on latest development SDK’s and cross platforms like phonegap etc. Thereofore, we can say that it is best to hire offshore iPhone apps developers for creating innovative and robust iPhone applications.

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Apple iOS Development still ruling Mobile App Industry!

In a recent survey, it was seen that Apple iOS is ruling the mobile application industry with maximum projects. In comparison to Android platform, it is said that more than 69% of projects in first quarter of 2012 is started on Apple iOS platform whereas Android got only 30% of the total projects.

With its majority in the projects share, Apple is still enjoying its dominance in the mobile apps industry. It is attracting plethora of professionals towards its platform therefore becoming largest developer community. In the last survey the figures were almost similar for interested developers in iOS and Android. Out of all who participated, 75% of them were in favor of iPhone applications programming and only 25% were backing up Android apps programming.

Currently, Apple iTunes is catering 615,000 apps for its users where as Android has only 450,000 apps in its Google Play. Another reason for Apple luring and gaining more number of professionals is its sheer dominance in Tablet market. This gives an edge to iPhone apps developers as they can target two devices at the cost of one. It means that they can develop one application which will run successfully on iPhone and iPad both. Moreover, Android is no where near in giving competition to Apple in tablet market. This automatically raises the development cost for the Android developers. So, we can say that Apple iOS is on the top and is predicted to be there for coming time also.

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Great opportunities for next generation iPhone apps developers

iPhone is the most happening smartphone and is a rage among phone lovers. With the changing technologies the expectations and scope of mobile technologies is also advancing. iPhone apps development is the most flourishing business these days. Interestingly, iPhone apps has benefitted everyone related to it like iPhone manufacturers, developers, outsourcing companies and users too in on way or the other.

There are some groundbreaking functionalities of iPhone which made a star in the smartphone market. Some of them to list are accelerometer, multi touch screen, virtual keyboard, voice command, 3G & 4G enabled, 8 MP camera, iOS5 etc. Till now, iPhone apps developers have given their best to churn out maximum profit from this app development platform. But in coming future we all know the competition among mobile platforms is getting harder and it is not easy to survive without having out of the box though process.

These days iPhone applications have gained popularity among all business and enterprises. At personal and professional level it has successfully streamlined daily needs and business operation. With the new advancements generated in iPhone, the future iPhone application development has become more challenging and ingenious job for developers. With the new generation getting familiar with the smartphones, the usage and scope of mobile applications will also transform.

iPhone apps development can continue to rule if it understands and encourages next generation iPhone software developers to come up and share their ideas and innovative thoughts to serve the society and business in a better way. So, we can say that with iPhone is coming up with extensive incredible features and will continue to do so which opens great opportunities for aspiring and new generation developers to become a part of Apple’s developer community.

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