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iPhone Web- Safari Apps are getting more Popular!!

The current trend of smartphone usage is like a rage. Especially if we talk about iPhone, it has caught a special place in heart of Apple device lovers. Iphone is said to be third generation smartphone which took world by storm since its inception. Since then iPhone apps development is expanding and today is one of the leading revenue generator for many software development companies.

Earlier, iPhone apps were only limited to native development. But with advancements in the development technology slowly trend is going towards mobile web apps development. Like, Safari is said to be the default web browser of the Apple devices. Almost all iPhone users use safari as their preferred web browser to surf internet. According to stats, there has been a great increase in the internet usage per person in last few years because introduction of services like 3G & 4G.

People love to stay connected with near and dear ones which is made possible by such smartphones.Moreover, native iPhones apps development has contributed a lot in taking Apple iPhone where it is today. But now with emerging trends, developers are focusing on creating iPhone web-safari apps
which will directly run in web safari browser instead of on local device. These web safari applications can be created with the help of HTMl, CSS, javascript, PHP etc. iPhone web safari apps developers must conduct prior research on the idea and necessary points to keep in mind while developing webapplications. This will save time and resources both.

Why developers feel web apps for Safari are successful in future?

1. Apps are fast and easy to access: applications need not to be downloaded on the device the user
can directly open it in the browser when ever needed.
2. No local storage required: web apps runs in browser so there is no need of local storage.
3. HTML5 is future: HTML5 is taking over web and browsers are also supporting it to a great extent so in that case web application are good choice for developers.

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